New members of the Cambodia forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Cambodia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Cambodia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi -I've just arrived in Phnom Penh for work.
Looking to find some social activities for weekends really.....

Dear friends
I got it, new start not yet know how to use. I got it by my friend introducing.

Hi I am a British man 65 years old I have a 54 year old cambodia girlfriend, I have been in cambodia for 4 months now to look at cambodia, I return to england on 23 march 2017, as I wish to retire here, I have know my girlfriend 5 years, I do not have to work as I have a good income, I am in the process of buying a flat with nomini, negotiation phase, and will compleate transactions with lawyer on my return in August 2017, I am an ex business man, my company is now run by my son, and I am a share holder only, my concern here is it seems impossible to get duel nationality and even harder to get married, as we are old what do we do in the future, I have a two masted schooner which I sail 3 months in summer in england, anyone sail here ???, not a bar man just a home man, simple life, see me on Facebook the one with the schooner, regards Toni Hodgkins,


You can get a retiree visa now, the other alternative is to buy Cambodian Nationality, not cheap.

Hi there, Toni

First things first, I like to welcome you here and congratulations on leaving the cold and dump winter of England and spending your time in a warmer and friendlier environment.

I'm expat myself and enjoying my time here so far. Hey, being older and wiser is the new trend now a days. Your question, "What do we do in the future?" Well, life is full of surprises they say so you can never can tell what the future brings. And I believe that any challenge that you have now has a solutions.

So, relax for a bit, enjoy each day. Meet new friends whom you can share what's on your mind. Cheers for that, mate;) Drinks on us here in, haha!

After ten years of working in the Middle East ( Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, and Kuwait), I packed and travel for a year and two months. On my final month of backpacking when I decided to stay and now enjoying my job as Business Development Manager in Cambodia. I'm highly motivated and self driven. And can I say I love to travel? I love exploring new places, learning new cultures, meeting interesting people from all walks of life, sounds cliche but true.

Let's all be friends, work together and create value. Bring it on Cambodia, cheersss!!!


Hi all, glad to see this site.  I am planning a trip there with my daughter who purchased a one way ticket to PNH.  I don't want to sound like a worried mom,,, but I AM  :(  It is not a bad thing since I've wanted to travel there for quite a while.  I am an expat from USA living in a resort town in Mexico.  Being a seasoned traveler it is essential to do my homework first.  One big question is what amount of time would you recommend staying in Phnom Phen to see sites and such? Not sure of our next stop but we will be heading to Vietnam, Laos and some islands.  Time is not an issue. Also cannot not decide on immunization shots, any recommendations? And lastly, any tips on accommodations, near central, shopping, activity. We don't need anything romantic or serene.  Thanks again for any input. jd

I've been in Phnom Penh for about a year, go to museum , royal palace , Russian market , central market , ordesy market , aeon mall is a must , killing fields , well it's important but not for me, siem reap, kampot, keb , at night keep things close , not so much violent crime but at night phone and purse snatchers , but really pretty safe I stay at riverside a lot of action , but generally safe , only take tuk tuk at night most all snatching are on motors , but I have not heard of any real violence against tourists! Biggest recommendation is. This  STAY OUT OF POLITICS IN CAMBODIA!!!!! this will get you in trouble , Cambodians are happy mostly peaceful people , you will have a blast it's fantastic!

Wow, thanks so much for the info, and we will take head! One more question, any new info on immunizations? I try to avoid modern medicine so the vaccines really scare me. Living here in the tropics along the Pacific coast with the mosquitoes carrying Dengue, Zika and probably other virus's has not been an issue with me, just keep the ddt handy ;)

I too am Leary of immunization, so I have been here almost a year just use off or deet  , no shots I have not had a problem yet

Hi everyone

My Name is Ryno. Iam South African born and raised.
Currently I have my own small business here in Cellphones. I fix any cellphone and tabs and also sell accessories. I want to move to Cambodia by May 2017. Is it possible to get a job as Cellphone technician in one of the cellphone shops?
I also have a TEFL certificate. I am very spontaneous and well educated. I am well groomed and very hard working.
Thank you

Hi everyone,

I'm Jason, from Malaysia
Will be moving over to Cambodia during March / April 2017.
My company have send me here for their international expansion project.
My company mainly deal with lab & healthcare-related work.
Office set up would be in Monivong Blvd.
Just hope to meet and greet some expats,
Most likely i would be permanent here for 2 years until the branch is properly set up and running.

Hi Jason,

Sounds exciting, have you been to PP before? Slightly different to Malaysia

i have came to PP 2 weeks ago,
Just to look at the office location and to get some admin work done on the licensing and banks.
It's a different environment all together.
Apparently the living standard is relatively higher than Malaysia?
As for couple of days, i been eating out, the price of the food and beverages is higher.
on the side note, probably because Ringgit currency is weak in conversion to USD since early this year.

Surprised that you find it higher than Malaysia in terms of costs, where will your office be at the IOC Building, Cambodia or Vattanac? What kind of company are you as your name has PWC at the end? What will you do about finding somewhere to live?

My office will be in Monivong Blvd, still waiting the landlord to finalized the contract.
My company is BP Healthcare Group (Malaysia), the company is going in as a greenfield investment to set up laboratory services.
Most likely i will just stay in the office, will be setting up a room inside.
So i won't need to find external accommodation.
The office is just temporary for 2 years.
Likely to move to a bigger unit when we have establish a certain amount of clientele accounts

Sounds really interesting, I would like to find out more drop me a line when you are in town, xxx. Also, there is a thing called Nerd night in PP, you can find it on Facebook, basically they hold an event where people come and talk about anything they like, I did one last night on :"how to buy property as a foreigner", maybe you could do one about what your companies does etc. It will be a good way to meet new people. Also, there is Internations, a social networking event, where you will meet other expats that are living and working here.

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Thank you very much on the information and sharing.
Let keep in touch.
Would be great to be able to connect and greet with people in PP.
At least I won't be feeling lonely there  :top:

Hello All.

I am currently an HR Professional in New York City.  In late 2016 I had an opportunity to take a Round the World Trip (RTW).  One of my planned stops was Siem Reap.  As soon as I landed I knew this place was different.  I felt like I could breath for the first time in a long time.  I returned to New York and starting planning my departure.  I have informed my organization that I will be leaving my role as of August 29, with a flight to leave the country booked for August 30th.

I am still exploring options on what my future will look like, but I have many ideas that I am researching. 

I look forward to communicating with each of you throughout my journey.


Hi guys. New to the forum and I'm from Philippines. Arrived 5 months ago for a new career after spending 10 years working in Singapore. Hope to join with some activities here especially outdoors.

Anybody here who are looking to have a band for fun?


Well, geezze, somewhere I saw a post that the Khmer's are tech crazed and now I can't find who wrote that,,, probably in the fashion section,, heh..
So I am about to purchase a 11" touch screen Asus laptop with all the good stuff for 350dollars.  Wonder if I should wait and see what's there?  I am only buying it to travel with since my bigger laptop was such a pain on my last few trips.

Hi Jason,
Happy to hear about your expansion to Cambodia.
I'm Malaysian too, used to work in PP & now back in Malaysia.
Let me know should you need some expertise in terms of resources or other information.
Maybe i could render some assistance.


This is my first post and though I haven't arrived yet, I am in the process of wrapping up things here in the states.  I will be arriving on May 5th and am in hopes of finding a guesthouse to lease/manage and begin this next chapter of my life.

Hi Everyone,

I arrive in PP on Saturday from Hanoi. Will be settling in PP for a while. Any advice or pearls of wisdom to share will be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Michelle

Hi I am Joe from England. Coming to Sihanoukville in may and looking to settle. I have enough funds for a year or two but looking for some work to keep myself busy and hopefully stay forever.

See some of you soon maybe.

Welcome both I'm in Phnom Penh still love it it's been a year now

Hello Everybody! I'm glad to post here and read your stories!
I'm Spanish guy who has arrived to Cambodia with his latvian partner for living some adventures around.
We have been in Thailand for two weeks: Bangkok and Koh Lanta, trying different lifestyles -I guess-.
Now, we are in Cambodia: in Siem Reap.
As novices, we are looking for some place for living a while.
How we did it? We got our backpacks and we got the accommodation. We are living in apartments and guesthouses as yet.

Our preferences are a bit clearer with the time we are spending in Asia: we like to be in a quiet place, we want to find some job opportunities and we prefer no too touristic place.

I'm pretty glad also we didn't bet everything to one bullet. We are too young for that. Anyways, the budget runs out -it is cheap out of the massive city center, but still without some income it can be more "stressful".

I could talk a lot about and we -my partner and me- are interested on your answer, suggestions, opinions, ideas in positive and constructive way. -We have read users attacking to others in personal way-. Actually, we are learning about life and that is what we want.

I'm sorry if I went out of the topic in this post, in that case let me know and, I will more careful next time!

Thanks to you for your time.


Hi everyone! Will be moving to PP in May. I will be working on CSR projects there and welcome connections especially those who are working in NGOs focusing on social welfare!

I am a female, Malaysian. :D


Hi Aliza,

I baru balik M'sia dari PP.
Anyway all the best & good luck.
Kalau nak ape2 info, tanya je...


I am moving to Siem Reap from the beginning of April to the beginning of May. I'll get back to California just in time for my 19th birthday! My partner and I were going to move to Cambodia together, but they dumped me, so I decided to still go on my own to grow up some and learn about a new culture. My life goal is to travel to every country in the world and I hope to do one month (or longer) stays in many countries. Cambodia is just my first stop. I'm a little stressed out trying to find an apartment to stay in for just one month. I don't want to stay at a guesthouse or b&b because they tend to be more expensive and less independent. Living on my own and my independence is very important to me on this trip. If anyone knows any websites or any advice on how to find a place shoot me a message  :D

Hi there.  It's not hard to find a guesthouse/serviced apartments here. Depends on your taste of course. But there are tons of real estate agents here that you can ask for help. Just come here with a open heart and mind and Cambodia will love you back, hehe. Good luck, cheers;)

I'm also working in Monivong area, haha! Feel free to keep in touch and welcome to Cambodia, cheers;)

Hi all friends, my name is Sophal and my nick name is Jam. I am Cambodian citizen. I am a real estate agent as my part time job. Very nice to know all of you in here. If anything i can help i will help. Please feel free to contact me, bensophal555[at]

Hi Everyone!

I recently got the chance to visit Phnom Penh and have absolutely fallen in love with the city. Since returning back to the USA, I really have been contemplating the idea of possibly living in Phnom Penh. I am looking to find out information on the transition and ideas of employment. The only way that I could make this move possible is if I find a good job, which seems to be difficult.

I look forward to being a part of this online community and hope to gain insight on everyone's experience in PP as well as make some great friends along the way. I am 29 years old and I feel like I want to do something rather adventurous on my end and since returning to the USA from my trip, I've truly missed Phnom Penh. There must be something special about that place.

Have a great day!


Hi There!

I was curious, do you have any ideas on employers for foreigners?

I am looking into the possibility of moving to PP, but will only do so if I can find reliable work there.

Thank you!

Hi Davie,

What kind of job are you looking for?  It makes things a lot easier for us to provide helpful info.
Cheers and hope you find a new and exciting life in the"Big Stink"  (Phnom Penh).

Hi Hotpeppers,

Honestly as far as what type of employment, I am pretty open to that, as long as it's not labor intensive. Lol.

Currently I work for an investment firm helping to manage of branches.

That's the best answer I can give :)

Thank you!

Hi Davie, yes I too am from USA , and I too love Phnom Penh , I've been to Thailand, Laos and still just love  Phnom Penh! Glad to see I'm not the only one most ex pats would rather go to the coast and live here in Cambodia or kampot, but for me it's Phnom Penh , make it happen your young and hopfully can find a position here , but keep in mind you won't need as much money here , I've been told teaching English can bring up to 12$ a hour , if you really want to live in Phnom penn 10-12$ a hour you can live pretty well and travel every weekend , 200-350 a month will get you a apartment here easy , and food is cheap, so I think you can do it I fly back twice a year to California, I can find a round trip ticket for under 600 usually depending on time of the year of course , so although you would starve in USA at 1500 a month especially in California, you can live well in this beautiful country on that considering it's just you? I think you will be fine save a few thousand for emergencies, but best of luck to you , also check Bangkok for tickets , it's a 50 air Asia flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh , are a 25$ buss ticket, so occasionally I do fly to Bangkok, I just got a ticket out of San Francisco to Phnom Penh for may 10 for 575$ but when I checked end of may the price was 900, so look constantly for the best flights , heck leaving a few days earlier, well I paid a whole months rent with that extra money I saved , best of luck!!!!

Hi again Davie,

You are quite wise in trying to locate work before arrival and correct in saying that it's difficult.  In case you haven't Google's " jobs in Cambodia" here are a couple to start you off.

If you do google the above words you will find many more.  I've merely suggested the two I know best.

By the way your name is quite Cambodian and your photograph suggests an Asian if not Cambodian background. 

Wind to your back lass

Hi Hotpepper (not sure of your real 🤔),

Thank you soooo much for the insightful information. I will definitely check out those sites out. I feel crazy for wanting to move to PP, but I am just ready for a change. Coming back to the US has been depressing. Miss hearing people speak Khmer and their friendly smiles there.

I am very Cambodian.

Thanks again!

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