New members of the Bulgaria forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi, my name is Ginny and I live my two teenagers in the United States. We will be coming to Bulgaria on a Fulbright in the spring. I'm looking forward to learning more.

I like that post!  :)

I just added the Rome2Rio app. That is so very helpful.

Hi Dear ;
Highly appreciated for the topic , i am really been to sofia 2 times , each of them few hours and few days , but i love the country and the people , and plan to start a business over there , Could any advice what a good business to be executed in Sofia , appreciated your suggestions , hence I have good experience about cargo & trading & Marketing .

Welcome on board everyone !

@Pieter, please do not promote your services on the message board (I invite you to register your company in the business directory)

Thanks - I have removed all your promotional message

Hello Julian, it was not meant as a promo on this topic but just to explain who I am and what I do in my life and in Bulgaria.

But hello everyone.

I am Pieter, 40 years old from Belgium and I have been moving back and forth between Belgium and Bulgaria since 2007 until I permanently settled in Varna in November 2013.

I have my own company and besides that I work as an office manager in a call center, So I am quite busy but that is the way I like it,
I like to meet people and have a discussion about a wide variety of topics. So if there are any people here that live in Varna as well or that want to explore the city, I am always willing to meet you if I can make the time.

Someone in Burgas to take a break?

Hi everyone !

I'm Guillaume, 22, and I come from Belgium. I'm currently studying law and economics here in Belgium and I plan to come living in Bulgaria in about 2 years just after my graduation. I love eastern Europe and the country I liked the most was Bulgaria and so made I my choice to start my expat path here.

I look forward to hearing from you !


My name is Jas from England and I have just joined.

I am looking to set up an office in Varna for our ongoing software development.

I have very good knowledge of England and if I can help anyone with any information let me know

Hi Jas
My name is Arthur and I have just joined after moving to Burgas (Sarafovo) last week.
Did you get your office set up ?
My background is in IT support, training and installation ( over 30 years self employed ), and I am starting to learn Bulgarian.
I have a stepson here and I am trying to get my Russian wife to join me here. i hear different stories of how it can be done from many quarters. I would love to know the way that works this year.

We have not moved yet.

I am going to make sure that I get staff before commiting to an office there.

I have posted a job … loper.html so waiting to see if I get anyone.

I know two Ukranian developers in Burgas, one speaks English reasonably well, but I doubt that he'll be willing to move. He has a contract with an English company that takes up some of his time.
There are many Ukranians and Russians who would jump at the chance to live here.

Hi I'm Pete
Currently live in Yorkshire, England and looking to move to Bulgaria in the near future. Ideally looking somewhere near Vidin.

Hi, I'm Fiona from Scotland. Coming over in a couple of weeks to look at a few properties. Planning to retire in about 5 years and am totally drawn to the pace of life that living in Bulgaria could offer!! Looking around the VT area - Emen, Dobromirka & Momin Sbor. Would love to make contact with other ex-pats. Great forum btw!!

Welcome Fiona!

Hi All.

New to this website, name john-Rita OAP,s looking to poss buy holiday home in Bulgaria,we have lived in Spain in the past , but looking at the price of property there it looks it may be a nice place for a holiday home, so some help on the best or better parts too buy ? We are not into winter sports,golf,or the sea and beaches and upto about 1-30hr to the sea yes that's ok. It seems south east-west ?. Some help would be better than no help .john


Hope you're doing well.

I am moving to Bulgaria in September and I will be working (Business Park).

I would like to know if there's anyone renting a room not far away from that area - Ideally quite close to central as well as work.

At first I am planing to have a flat mate while I get used to the city and afterwards I am planing to rent a flat on my own. If I move in with a local I will have enough time to get to know the housing market and places where I would like to live.

I believe that having someone else as a flat mate will definitely ease the stress of my arrival - the settling and most important having to find a cosy place to live without being rushed.

All help will be very much appreciated.

Many thank,


Hi everyone!
I'm John and live near Simeonovo, about 20 km south of Yambol.
I'm a former tanker driver and self employed courier.
With my girlfriend Chris, we've been living here for nearly five and a half years and have loved every minute of it!!
We left the UK in 2012 and headed south in the car with everything we could carry after selling my house. Our intention was to set up home in Portugal and we spent seven weeks travelling around France, Spain as well as our first choice and ended up ruling them all out for cost reasons, much as we'd enjoyed our exploration there.
We found properties in Bulgaria on and thought why not check it out?
All this time later we're still here, we love exploring this amazingly beautiful country, the friendliness of the people in our village and elsewhere, the closeness to Greece, the fantastic climate but over and above all of that, it's the wonderful new friends we've made and experiences we all have in common. The desire for a better life away from the craziness and cost back home. It's been everything we hoped for and a great deal more besides.
So much so that I've written a book about our escape from the rat race that has just been published.
I hope it helps others to discover and enjoy what we found out almost by complete accident.

Hi Pieter, i'm Curtis lived here in Bulgaria the past 5 years more Veliko Tarnovo way. 52 years old and an ex Tugboat captain from Trinidad & Tobago, i worked in the marine industry for 29 years. I see you're involved in the call centre profession, something i would like to get acquainted with, as i am currently job seeking. I visited Varna few times and fell in love with the place, especially the beaches, reminds me so much of back home in the Caribbean, Any help/advice you can offer me would be heartfelt & appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hi folks,
I am Neil from Costa del London, UK
Buying a house in Bulgaria for a project then make it my house to settle in, I am ex British Army, property maintenance company owner here in London, looking to get out of u.k before Brit exit kicks in, sorry to say great Britain has lost its greatest now many true Brits want out me being one of them, Bulgaria has everything I am looking for to retire my days in peace and clean living plus in a great position to travel from as I love to travel and the great outdoors guess that's the solider in me still being with mother earth.

Welcome Neil!

Many thanks 😎

Hi everyone are names are Alan and Ellen and we shall shortly be moving to Bulgaria not sure where as yet but could be Burgas or Varna areas, could any give us any advice on best places to look and any pitfalls or problem areas to avoid we have heard that there are some gypsies in Bulgaria so any information will be gladly received.
Thanks Alan and Ellen.

Hello, fellows.

I am Felipe, from Brazil.

My wife is from Bulgaria and we will move to BG.

I worked (and still) in advertising industry as copywriter/Creative Director.
Of course, I want a position in my expertise area in a Bulgarian ad-agency, but I also considerer the possibility to totally change my work area or maybe stay in the same area (marketing/communication/media/movies/music) but not necessarily in a traditional agency.

So, I hope to make some friends here that can be my new friends when I move to Bulgaria. And, who knows, some business/work contacts as well.

To start: can I validate my marriage and became eligible to a permanent visa? How?


Hi every one,
My Name is Mansoor Abdi,New to this website,From Iran,I am Computer Programmer,I decide to be in Varna after 6 month,I will be glad if i can to find  Friends from this site .

Hello everyone! Michael here,

I'm a digital entrepreneur currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm 19 and enjoy a wide variety of activities for fun. I like meeting people, trying new things, health/wellness, philosophy/spirituality, partying, hiking, and ESPECIALLY adventure.

I'm down to meet up with anyone, hit me up! :)

Hello, everyone!

I'm Danielle and I am new to the forum. I haven't done much exploring to the website yet, apart from reading threads and looking if someone is in the same situation as I am. I'm planning to move to Varna where my boyfriend resides but I want to get a job first, preferably teaching the English Language as that is my current job now. I have a degree in Mass Communications major in Broadcasting and I can speak English fluently (with an American accent, or so I've been told) and currently an ESL teacher for almost a year now. Are these enough? Any suggestions?

If things get sorted out the way I'd hope, I hope to continue the next chapter of my life in Varna! :)

Cheers to all!


My 14 year old was born in Hobart ;) and we're moving to just outside VT xx

Hello Steve & Deirdre and averyone.
We looking small house in Bulgaria too., only we never been there.  :) We are studying this country and I want to Visit Bulgaria  in December, maybe this is not the best time. My question is: if I buy the house and need left for a few months, since we still work here in America, will it be safe?


Hi all!
planning to move to UAE for some years (no possibble for good). have many friends from my former job there, so it won't be big problem for me.

I have a house just outside V.T, it's empty from November to march, never been a problem, I do have CCTV wired up and can view anytime via web, a few times I have had warnings pop up on phone, but was just widelife trigging cameras,
But my neighbor does keep a eye out for me and others in village know it's my holiday home so answer to your question is yes it will be safe, but if in Sofia I hear crime is higher there? And sunny beach?
Hope this helps you. Neil

Dimitris from Greece here, I have been in Bulgaria many times in the past but plan to stay longer this time due to my new job.

Hello everyone!

My name is Svetlana and I am from Montenegro. Since I found boyfriend from Sofia, I would like to move there to work and live with him, because he is doing his Phd and cannot travel currently.
I would ask you to provide me with information regarding job opportunities, and especially employer willing to take someone from non EU country!
I have been applying through portal, also to one media agency through my private contact in Sofia, but without success.
If there is potential employer in this community, please contact me so I can see If I can help, and hopefully we can reach agreement.
Also, I can stay in Bulgaria for 90 days without visa. If there is possibility to do babysitting or translation, or any similar job-even volunteering in exchange for accommodation and food, I am willing to come and work :)
Thank you for your time!


Hello! Everybody. I am new.

here, I want to know about American University in Bulgaria.
And, also the job opportunities for international students on visa
I am not from EU.

best regards,
mt. everest!!!

Hi there,

Have you checked the AUBG website ?
In addition I think they also provide some job opportunities.

Thanks Kris

Yes, I have done that.
But, what about job opportunities outside the university?

Thanks again.

Best regards,
mt. everest

Hi everybody,
my name is Peter Schmitt from Germany. I was born and raised at Lake Constance in the very south near the Swiss border. I have lived in Erfurt for quite a while and think about leaving the country. I already have a company in Bulgaria with a general manager. I am considering the next steps to move my cars to Bulgaria in order to have a Bulgarian license plate. I also want to buy a property in order to have a regular address in Bulgaria. As I do like swimming in natural lakes and playing beach volleyball, I prefer a house near a recreation area at a fresh water reservoir or the Danube. I would be glad if anybody writes here or sends a private message to me about one or the other topic.

Well I'm not too optimistic about this:
1. Blagoevgrad is not a big place
2. You will not know Bulgarian language

However, it depends on your qualifications and skills.
check here:

Hi RayinVarna,

   I am Frances, I am not yet in Varna permanantly but hope to be there next March. I was just şwondering how your first 6 months have been? Regarding accomodation can you think of anything I need to remember to check on that might not come to mind on my first rental property? Also who did you apply for a residency straight away?

     Thanks for your time,

hello you all!

very glad to have found this lovely forum, very informative and not less important, active!

my name is Guy, israeli planning to move into bulgaria soon.
my father has already moved into the city of varna to retire there(visa-d), bought himself
a nice apartament in the city center.

i myself hold a bulgarian citizenship i acquired not long ago since my mom(God rest her soul) were born there.
i guess that will make a lot of things more easy going for me on arrival.

it has been nearly 20 years since i last visited bulgaria, however, starting from when  i was an infant we used to visit there annually for the entire summer vacation,
needless to say we fell in love with the country...

i hope to "clear the table" here in israel as quick as possible so i could finally start
materializing all my bulgaria plans and dreams.

again, is a great place to learn, swap experiences and learn from other expats.
thanks guys!


if there are any israelis here wishing to use my experience in obtaining bulgarian citizenship, visa d procedures, or any subject which is related, feel free to contact me.

of course i will be more than glad to help every individual , no matter his or her nationality.
thing is, israel is not part of the EU therefore some rules and regulation differs, that goes
of course also for other countries not in the EU.
for example, the procedure for importing pets into bulgaria from israel is much longer
and complicated than from european or north american countries.

kind regards

guy shai

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