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Hello Everyone
My name is Deidre, MissDee if you find it hard to pronounce,lol! My husband Mark and I have 2 kids, girl aged 16 and a boy aged 10. We  are South African. In October 2017, my hubby and I were fortunate enough to travel abroad for the very first time in our lives. We went on a Carnival Cruise. Before visiting in Belize, I had never ever even heard of the country. In fact it was a last minute itenarary change after Hurricane Irma, so we had no clue what we were gnna see. Long story short: I never in my wildest dreams expected to return home and feel like a piece of my heart had stayed over there in Belize. Firstly, just to see how simple people lived there caught my attention, the warmth and friendliness. I got the impression that people in Belize found greater happiness with having LESS! AND there seemed to be a very UNIFIED-ness to all Belizeans, even though they all look different etc , THEY WERE ONE COUNTRY!!! That was it for me, I ddnt see how I could return to my own country and its inequalities and just be OK! And I wanted my kids to experience this in their life. I think my kids can learn way more in such an environment than anywhere else in the world. Moving to Belize was also something I never thought we would decide on but we cant help but long for the place. HOWEVER WE KNOW VERY LITTLE AT THIS POINT ABOUT BELIZE, BUT WE LEARNING SLOWLY THRU THIS SITE NOW!

Lots of emotions are filling us right about now, as we are starting to doubt.  But comfort sets in knowing now that there are so many other Sa's living there already!!

We would like to make the move by 2019/20. Still going thru the forums on things that we need to resaerch like schools, house rental, car, etc. But I will post questions as they come up. M


You also need to research how you will support your family. Employment  is very difficult  to obtain for an expat in Belize but starting a business while still swamped in red tape is marginally more likely to happen.  That simple life you see is because it is a poor nation and most (not all) jobs are only available to citizens. Starting a business to employ Belize citizens is going to be easier all round.

Thanks for the advice. Yes we are currently researching and.discussing what we will do that side to provide for ourselves. I have been working from home for quite a few years now already on various things. It hubby though that we would need to find a suitable solution for. He was intending to get a diving instructor certification but we seem to have read that there's quite a bit of competition in that sector already. So we soldier on in our research efforts.

I was considering starting a small SA foods catering business, but still looking into it.


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