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i am investor in UAE i have my own company i have planned to visit Belgium and  start my business  regarding buidling cleaning services too if any belgian friend to asset me.?

Hi all, my name is Shaun and I'm a new comer expat.  I'm currently living in JHB south Africa and considering immigrating to Belgium Ghent. The company I work for head office is in Ghent and have offered me two positions to consider for a move to Belgium. I'd like to get Advice on the move etc a d thoughts and experience of fellow South Africans that have moved to belgium and what they think, lifestyle, cost of living etc. Hope to hear from you


My name is Gabriella Esmeraldo. I am from South Africa and am moving to Leuven Belgium.

Thank you

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Hello, I'm Patrick (single) from the US. My mother resides near Tournai. I visit every year and adore the country.

I'm at a bit of a crossroad in my life, and am interested in taking up residence and working in Belgium. Perhaps even finish my degree in architecture. Also I'm hoping to restore my dual citizenship that I didn't realize expired, and needs reinstated. Perhaps it may be a retirement destination as well.

Looking for Factory jobs, landscaping, home repair, printing press operator, design consultant, even can do CAD and SketchUp and basic architectural help.

My French is kind of poor, but I'm working on it. My Dutch is very poor, but working on that as well.

Hope I didn't bore you to death! Nice to be here and hear from anyone.

Hello everyone :)

My name is Melissa, 25 y/o South African. Myself and my partner are planning on moving to Brussels - him to finish his Commercial Pilot's License (he has already been accepted at the flight school) and I will join him going there. The lady at the Belgian Embassy in SA told us that the best way for me to get my visa approved, is if I found a job first. This has so far not been an easy feat as I only speak Afrikaans and English and most companies require you to at least speak Dutch or French as well. I have a degree in Graphic Design and certificate in Digital Marketing with 4 years design / marketing / social media experience.

I am registered on quite a few Belgian job searching websites but nothing has come up so far (not that that's going to stop me from applying anywhere) but I would just like to know if anyone could give me advice or a lead of any kind - it would be much appreciated!

The biggest issue we face is that a student visa (what my partner will be getting) will only allow him to work a certain amount of hours in a week, so I really have to become the bread winner for us in this situation which I am super keen on - I just need to find the right job!

Thanks in advance for tips / advice / leads. :)

Hi everyone,

My name is Rowana and I'm a student at ULB in Brussels, studying political science.
My family comprises of expats but I've resided in Belgium for most of my life and am simply looking to meet English speakers in Belgium, of all ages.
I'm interested in helping expats with any questions they may have, and I'm eager to make new friends and acquaintances.

Don't hesitate to contact me!


My self nazim iam working in india as a hairdresser from past 10 years now i want to move to belgium with my wife can u please assit with the jobs in belgium

Thanks & Regards
Nazim adatiya

Hi everyone, I'm Seth from Tanzania-East Africa, a land of Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar. I am current in Belgium(based in Antwerp) for my Masters and PhD later on. I am grateful to learn about this superb website. Looking forward to make new friends and explore different opportunities that are available in this side of the world.

Hi, it is good that I have found friends like you here...i am currently in Antwerp, looking forward to meet you sometimes at Brussels

Hi, My wife is really wanting us to move to Belgium, and I am wanting to learn a bit more before we take the plunge, as I have not lived or traveled outside the USA.

We are Planning to live in the Mons, Belgium region if we move, as my wife's moms side of the family all lives in and around that area. My wife is a Dual citizen, as well as our 2 kids. I am a Kansas/US Native.

My wife is a stay at home mom. I do WordPress web design, hosting and management and freelance for companies on the site, working mostly from home. I currently only know English. Though, I wasn't sure what the job outlook would look like with someone of my experience and speaking only English in Belgium?? What the Pay/take home pay would be? Best region to live in? Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi all,
I'm from the U.S. and will be moving to Gent in December for work. Would love to make some friends as I'll be there at least a year, possibly longer.


helloooo supermudgirl,

unfortunately I live in Antwerpen which is like 25 minutes by train from Ghent but we can meet I also like to meet new people  :)

Thanks so much for your welcome. Seems like everything is pretty close there, and I would love to see other parts of Belgium. So yes, would be fun to meet!
I am not there just yet, another month or so before my move...

Hello, everybody!
I am from Greece and I live in Brussels for almost a year. Now, it's the time for my daughter to start school and I am looking for any school information I can get.

Happy to join this great forum!

Hi all, I'm Christine from Malaysia, moved to Antwerp, Belgium just a week ago and now staying with the family of my partner. I have a UK pharmacist license and I'm looking forward to register and practice here, but unfortunately I don't speak French nor Flemish. Anyone has similar experience if you don't mind sharing your stories please get in touch with me, thank you.

Hi Everyone,
I'm Ankur from India (Mumbai). Worked and lived in London-UK, Toronto-Canada, Dusseldorf and Munich - Germany and few other countries.
I'm an IT professional with near 20 years of experience and planning to move to Belgium in few months (job offer secured).

I speak English and would love to learn French and mingle with the local community near Evere (Brussels).

I would need help to find a public school for my daughter near Evere (preferably bi-lingual public school French and English).
Also, would search for accommodation after I get my D-visa.

Looking forward to make some new friends.

Hi, I am from India and currently studying in Poland. I am a student of International Business management and I came to Belgium in Erasmus program. I really loved Belgium although I had many friends before I came here as I am in the music industry and many good Dance music artists are from Belgium & Netherlands. Its been just 3 months I have been in Belgium but I am having an amazing time of my life here.

Have a great day!

Hi, I’m Sarah - an American, married to a Belgian. We are moving to a small town near Antwerp in December. Excited about the opportunity especially for our 6 year old son to get to experience his fathers language and culture. My husband has his own business in web development. Big adventure coming up -
It’s nice to see that many have done this before us, and can share their experiences as well!


I am shay. I am a UK citizen and would like to visit Ghenk in Belgium for surgery. I have always been very insecre about myself and would like to visit the wellness kliniek there to get a small surgery done to boost my codidence more. If there is anyone who is willing to help me out when I get there please let me know. I will be able to cover the cost of your help. Thanks :)

hi im from australia and would like to meet people from belgium as im interested to move to europa

Hi, I am Collins from Nigeria, currently living in Italy, I am planing to move to Belgium to work and study, I am a waiter and I am looking for waiter or cleaning jobs, I speaks English fluently, and I have passion to learn Dutch, and I would be glad if anyone can give me the above job links,  also I am looking for find friends to share wonderful thoughts together and have a lovely conversation in a beautiful atmosphere thanks.


I'm Aayush from India, I will be moving to Belgium for my new job by the end of Jan 2018 with my wife.

My work would be in Sint Truiden, we are considering Hasselt for renting an apartment. Could you please redirect me to a thread where I can get to know a bit more about the City ?

Would also love to sync up with people living there already.
Looking forward to hearing from you. :)


Hello All,

I am Rashmi and am from India. I am an electronics engineer. I have been living in Brussels since 3 months. I got to move to Brussels since my husband works here. Started loving Brussels. Very happy to know about this website. Having an experience more than 3 years in semiconductor industry I am also looking for job here. I like making new friends , knowing about European cuisine and culture.

Thank you.


I am originally from Pakistan. I came to Belgium for my PhD in Ghent University in 2017. I am currently working in the field of Financial economics.
I am also interested in helping other expats and making some new friends.

See you

Dear Friends,

Please advise what are the cheapest Electricity and Internet options in Ghent, Belgium. Please advise.

Hi, all.
My name is Daniel. Now in Spain but moving to Brussels from next March 1st. Actually I am looking for an appartment city center.
Male, 50, children studying abroad (20 and 18). Love bike, running, music, art and theater. Beers and food as well!!!
English, French and Spanish (of course) :-)
Interested in making friends in Brussels.

Hello :-)  I'm a Malaysian Chinese who's just moved to Antwerp a few months ago to join her partner. While waiting for the paperwork to be completed, I'm filling my time exploring the city, cooking and doing some yoga.

Hello, my name is Rita, I'm Italian, I  have been living in Luxembourg for several years and I'm considering moving to Brussels. I have joined this forum to get a feel for what it's like living in Brussels.
I speak English, French, German and Italian

Hi My Name is Jay and I am from Manila Philippines. My boyfriend and I are planning to get married this year and to be honest we both have no idea on what requirements are needed for us to fulfill this dream. Hopefully this forum will be able to help me understand the processes needed so I can be with my love. Thank you very much in advance and hoping to make friends here :)

Hi everyone
My name is Kate, I'm English and moved to Brussels in July. We lived in the UK very briefly and we in Hong Kong for 15 years before that.
Looking forward to connecting.


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