New members of the Algeria forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Algeria forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Algeria if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Your Ibrhim jalloh am from west Africa Sierra leone but am now living in Liberia(Morovia

I am looking for a friend , who is 64 years old now . His name is Mohamed Taleb and he is originally from Tlemcen. He also lived in Sidi-Bel-Abes. My last contact with him was 30 years ago . He had a car accident in Oran . I would like to know if he is ok and alive. I have sent a few letters to his brothers who owned a butcher store in Tlemcen but I have never received any response. Could someone help me to find him.He studied in Lille France, 35 years ago. His mom died while he was in France.

Hi Renata,

Since this thread is only meant for the introduction of new members, could you please drop an advert in the Missing people in Algeria section of the website ?

Try the France classifieds as well in case he is in France/Lille.

All the best,

Hi, nice to meet you . i am welcomed to here

salut je suis nouveau dans ce site et j'aimerai bien connaitre des gens qui vivent en malaysia

Hello ahmed-ch,

Welcome to

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Thank you


thank you

Hello, I Joseph, an Investment Consultant. I plan to visit Algeria for a short business trip as some of my clients want to invest and do business in Algeria. I have never been to Algeria and I will be coming there just for this purpose and I wish I could meet great people here to know more and get first hand experience about doing business in Algerian before I set foot on the Algerian soil. I hope I am in the right place. Have a great day everyone.

hi everyone,
im from Algiers if anyone need info or something contact me 😉

welcom dude 😉

Assalaam alaikoum.
Hello, everyone.
Back in 2005, I lived in western Algeria for 18 months with my second husband.  I really loved the area, it reminds me of California.
I had only some minor culture shock, but quickly recovered. LOL  Algeria has remained in my heart even after a divorce.
Now that I am retired, I want to return to Algeria to live, in sha'a Allah.  I'm looking forward to returning.

Good evening,

How are you?

My name is D.M. ( Won't disclose my real name for now) and I work at Teixeira Duarte (feel free to google it). Soon I'm going to move to Alger to work for a period of 2-4 years and my purpose by joining is to meet both locals/expats to make my journey as natural as possible.

Could you share you adventures in Alger/Algeria with me?

Thank you for you time.

Best Regards,



Im a 25 year old algerian girl, that has actually lived abroad for most my life. I will be moving to Algeria for about 4 months, and I would really be interested in meeting english speaking people/ expats.

Dont be afraid to get intouch

Hello Everyone,

I am Adam, 34 years old living and working in Doha, Qatar and is engaged to an Algerian. I came to register in the forum to know more about this beautiful country and to meet more locals and expats as friends and/or business partners in shaa Allah

Hello everyone,
I'm from Constantine, east of Algeria.
Feel free to ask me anything you need to know about my town or all the country.

Asslam o alaikum
Dear , have you there anyone your relative's ,
I suggest if you want a safe country and also good place for investment Pakistan is best , most especially in largest new sea port of Pakistan

Hi Anderson,
i'am Abdelhak i'am algerian, where do you live in Algeria ?

MarinaCro :

Hello everyone. Im Marina, from Croatia. Im looking for renting appartment in Constantine from 07.11.-25.11. Im coming there to do my engagements an next year I'll get marry and move to Constantine.
Can anyone help me with renting?

Thanks in advance and all best

Hi Marina,  I'm Nardjess from Constantine
I wanna tell you something, if you're coming here to be engaged to an algerian then he had to take care of you, and normally it is for him to assure you where to sleep during your stay here, especially if things are gone official, then it is for her mom and sisters or any other female relatives of him to assist you and take care of you.
These are our usages, never believe something else.
I'm afraid you could be mislead.
Most of guys here are unemployed or have a little salary that doesn't suffice him to start a family.. Some could even be dangerous and could easily lie to you even for passing just a night with you and steal your identity papers and all your money in the morning as long as he has nothing to loose !!
There are some of them who earn a good life.. Those will prefer to come to you in Croatia not sitting here waiting for you to come. Or at least take care of you,  never let you seach for renting, believe me !
I'm sorry but I prefer tell you that now so that you think twice before coming.
If you need more help I'll be always here for you.
Hope i could be wrong, wish you success and love.
Good luck.

MarinaCro :

Thank you very much for your reply and for your consern.
I agree with you and I was sure somebody will write this for me. He dont know that Im looking for renting, he wants me to be with him and his family. But I think maybe it is too long to be there for 20 days especially bcs this will be first time for me to meet his family.
So this was my thinking ,I didnt want to make anyone uncomfortable and I dont know how would I feel there so long. Maybe Im thinking wrong.
I was already in Constantine. And he was already here. This is not that kind of story like you are saying.

All best :)

Ah !!  I see !!  This sounds different and great !!  I'm happy you've met someone reliable, congratulations.
I'm sorry I feared you get an eventual deception.
Look,  here it is dangerous for a woman to stay alone in a rented house. It is even untolerated in some way. And if he has to spend the night with you,  it will be badly seen by society because this shouldn't happen before you become officially married.
So I suggest you should talk to him in order to see his opinion about that, and if you have to rent, no one will do it better than him because this depends on different aspects (may be he wants you to be near his family's home or on contrary,  too far,  who knows !?)   
An algerian never accepts his wife or fiancee negotiate without him. Especially when she's stranger, ie not algerian.. You'll be coveted and he will not appreciate that.
Finaly,  if you want an apartment you rarely find a rent for less than a year.. Furnished flats are nearly inexistant.
So,  if you want a room hotel, i can send some suggestions for you, but keep in mind you couldn't be together only if you have mariage certificate.
I hope you'll spend a beautiful time here.

Hi Every one here in this forum,

Basically I am an indian expatriate, earlier I was in Saudi and Bahrain for the projects. After completion of I came to oran Algeria 2 months back for the new integrated steel plant project. Willing to meet new people here irrespective of nationalities, leaving in Hasnawi, Oran.



As I have join this group today basically I am from india and came to oran Algeria 2 months back to lead a project of integrated steel plant in oran city, Algeria. You can join for english speaking and vice versa i can get french from u.


Hello Every One,

My name is Mohammad I am from India, I am a English speaker and new to this forum. since one month I am staying in Algeria. I am new to this country.


Hello everyone, I'm moving to Algiers with my wife and two kids in March on a long term assignment (3-5 years) with my current employer. We are originally from Jordan but we currently live in Switzerland.
We're in the process of finding a house with the help of some local agencies, and we already got a spot for our eldest in the American School.
Any tips and recommendations on living in Algiers are more than welcome.
Looking forward to connecting with you!

my name is Omar ..i am 26 years old from Algeria ..I live in Algiers the capital <3


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