New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I'll be living in Rayong, Thailand up from next Monday until August 2017.
Moving on work purposes.
I work in the supply chain area, machinery segment.

I'm Brazilian, have lived in Germany for a while and look forward to meeting new people.

Best regards,

Hi  I am new on here   I married my thai girlfriend in December and I travel to see her every 2 months.   I am wondering if I can work in Thailand.   I am an Operating Department Practitioner and I work in theatres in a hospital.  Does anyone know if I can get a job in Thailand in my profession? 


Hi Rick
I'm no expert but the general rule of thumb here is one cannot do a job a Thai can do !  I have been in a few hospitals here including one of the best in Thailand , Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok and never come across a Western operative .


Thanks Paul that's what I suspeclted  I was hoping being it's a specialist role and possibly a shortage in that role that there may be a loop hole


Hi there expats!
I am Aaron, spanish guy living in scotland and i gonna move to thailand (I been there years ago and i love the country) in one or two months. thats why i write here. i hope can get a job there. I am degree and master degree in PR, marketing and advertisement (And i have some courses like hotel receptionist, personal trainer...). You can find more info about my work experience and studies in my LinkedIn profile: Aaron Salmon Grijuela. I am willing to do any kind of job honestly, or some attractive internship as well.
I want to say thanks to everyone and i hope you enjoy your live in Thailand like i hope be able to enjoy in a close future.
Kind regards
(I have reference letter from thai friends if you need it)

Hi everyone!

My name is Maribeth from New York. I used to live in Bangkok with my husband for two years (2011-2013) then move back to the US but we always spend 4.5 months here in Bangkok during winter time back home. Any suggestions on where to explore like a Thai local around Bangkok? We've done a lot of the touristic spots but I'd like to explore some places that most people usually missed.

Thanks a lot!

Try the region of udon thani it is so lovely  and peaceful

Hi Rickbebe, I'd love to go there sometime but this time I'd like to focus more in Bangkok. Any suggestions there?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jennifer and I have just recently moved to Thailand, Phuket, from Melbourne, Australia. I'm a secondary teacher who specialises in Science and wanted to experience teaching in another country and live abroad. I am hoping to meet and make new friends here.

Tasteoflifebymb :

Hi everyone!

My name is Maribeth from New York. I used to live in Bangkok with my husband for two years (2011-2013) then move back to the US but we always spend 4.5 months here in Bangkok during winter time back home. Any suggestions on where to explore like a Thai local around Bangkok? We've done a lot of the touristic spots but I'd like to explore some places that most people usually missed.

Thanks a lot!

Nice and best place is southern part of Thailand Krabi, Phuket, khaolak, Surathani, phang nga

Hello all,
        This is abhishek singh..recently visited here in in bangkok with my father..i've done d.d.u....was doing c.a.but somehow not completed..done internship under c.a. so have knowladge abt taxation,tally,ms office,worked in and have some experiance u.s. n u.k. calling...seeking ur help regardind this job..

Hey everybody,

My sister and I will be moving to Chiang Mai next week. I work online,  play guitar,  do cross fit,  and like to hang out in my free time.  I'm looking to meet people for friends,  go on adventures,  play music,  workout buddies,  and whatever other adventures might sound fun.

Have fun,

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Try looking up The guy who runs it name is Shayne. He has some listings of IT hang outs.

Hi,i'm living in samui since 1993,plan to movie to Chiang mai and try to sell my restaurant.

Sawadee krub everyone,

You can call me hafish or fish or Pla. I'm in my thirties and origin of sunny Singapore (not too far from Thailand). I worked in Finance and have expatriated before to Africa with many visits to Europe for work. Since 2016, I have travelled to Bangkok nearly every other weekend with my wife is Thai. Now that she will repatriate back, I will join her in Bangkok next month.

Looking forward to many organised events and meet-ups. (Hint: Man Utd games are on most Saturdays!)


Hello I am Gökhan 20 years old From Turkey. Im living in nonthaburi right now . I am using C# and SqlServer. I have knowledge about OOP and EntityFramework. I want to get a job that ı will able to improve myself and earn new experiences. I hope you'll give me a chance for this.


I am Nicky. I am not an expact, i am Thai. I would like to join this page if i can help you anything about live in Thailand, please ask me. Meanwhile,


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Hi, I'm Brian, an American who has just recently moved to Chiang Mai.  I am a scientist, I do hearing research, and musician (I saw one of you is a guitar player - I'd like to play sometime).  I also like to travel (was just in Myanmar for two weeks) and do good works in the community.  Why am I here?  Well, a trio of converging events in the US: I lost my research job, I got divorced, and Donald Trump got elected (seriously).  So I decided to leave the US and come to Chiang Mai, where I have been twice before, and I have some US connections here.  I am now a) looking for a place to live (near the Old City), b) looking for work, and c) looking for a good optometrist who speaks English (I lost my glasses in Myanmar).  So if any one of have any leads for those, let me know here, email me at bgygi2[at], or on Line - my id is bgygi.  I hope to hear from you!

my desire is to have media of the company commercial in terms of food or clothing and other ... the faires this business between my country which is Guinea and the Kingdom of Thailand. I guarantee that the products of food and other brand Thai are most admired Guinea. that's why after mainte both markets gems with my friends Thai, so I shall like at your help according to this experience commercial so that I can accomplish this great business

I am told that all doctors speak conversational English and can converse about any medical condition.
I know of a reputable optometrist. I don't know his name but I went there for an examination. His office is located on the inside north side of the canal road. From the east he is about 3/4's of the way down the road. He is open on Sundays. Again, he has a very good reputation in the city and his fee's are very reasonable.
There are many resources for activities in Chiang Mai, if you want to participate.

Hi Nicky my wife and I are retiring to our home in East Pattaya april 20th 2017, I want to enter the teaching english to Thai people employment and when we arrive I should have completed my TEFL course, any advice you could give me in finding employment would be welcomed, Jeff

Hi: I moved to Chiang Mai 8 years ago. I am a cyclist covering some 600+ kms per week in this area along with other expat and visiting cyclists. I also ride the odd race. Here in Chiang Mai we have a velodrome which is underused but I am there each Monday. Chiang Mai is a great area for cycling - probably the best in SE Asia - and I have 56 years of experience in this sport which includes a period of coaching Thai young people. I am happy to dispense advice to anyone about cycling in this area. My Thai wife works part-time as an ISO consultant in engineering, she runs an Airbnb and also teaches basic fruit carving. So this is a busy household. That's what we do and how we live. But I am happily retired and just ride my bike!! Ian & Pim

Hi, my name is Zoe and I'm a 23 year old Brit living in Bueng Kan (Isan, North East Thailand). I've been here since October '16, working as a high school teacher.

There's all of about 15 foreigners in my town, and at least 8 of those are over the age of fifty and so not exactly people I've got much in common with. While I enjoy hanging out with my Thai friends and practicising my (frankly still awful) Thai, would be cool to meet some other expats.

Hi everyone I'm Pim[Born and live in Chiangmai lol]
I'm new for .This community is very nice for newcomer to take a basic idea of learning about culture and things.  I be glad to know about Thailand or chiangmai in your point of view. Every places have both good side and bad side. So, I happy with both good or bad.

Thank you

Welcome to the site i am relatively new to it myself but found it very informative on all levels, best wishes

Hi I'm Johan Kriel and is desperately searching for a job in Thailand. I'm from South Africa and have worked for almost 2 years in Muscat Oman before going back to South Africa. I'm more in to electronics and telecommunication. I'm also crazy about sports and have coach athletes in the field of athletics, roadrunning and triathlon. I'm still doing a lot of road running myself.

Teaching English in school, Bangkok for 10 years. Now semi-retired in Jomtien Condo. Spend some months here remainder of year in Ireland/England: Interested in wholeness of everything, vegetarian food, cooking, Krishnamurti, healthy living, deeper questioning and joy.

May I ask what part of the US do you live?  And what made you move back?  We live in Nonthaburi, don't get around that much, mostly local driving, a few trips to Hua Hin.  There are so local food markets near where I live. Im sure if you Google your location you will find these places near you. Sorry I couldn't help you.  Good Luck To You.

Hello! Im new in Bangkok too. Working for a short period and willing to make the most of it. If anything interesting, let me know pls!

Hola! Spanish expat too new in Bangkok. If anything interesting let me know! :)

Hi. About a year ago I decided to move to Thailand for (TESOL) work & retirement.
I visited Bangkok and Chiang Mai a few weeks ago. Loved it!

Hi, I'm Danny! Living and working in Phuket 😀 24 and South African looking to meet new expats here!! Open to all types of people 😊


My husband & I are from Cape Town South Africa .

We love Thailand, visit every year , Ian has now retired & we are thinking of moving to Thailand ( Pattaya ??? ) open to suggestion - please give us YOUR views.

I have never been to Pattaya. However, I have heard many unsettling stories about the city to such an extent I do not have the city on my agenda. I would suggest that you do an exploratory trip first before you settle in Pattaya. There are multiple under ground activities that take place there and at times or places could be dangerous. Up to you. I do hear that it is pretty, being a water side city.

Thank you, your comments are much appreciated.Where would you suggest we look.

We have travelled to Koh Samui - find it more expensive, & to Phuket many times.

We love to be near the ocean as appossed to just a river.

Try Hua Hin, it is safe & quiet as compared to most places, not many tourist there & it's not far from Bangkok. The king used to live there, so it is much more calmer than most places. The wealthy folks from Bangkok visit on the week'ends, but during the week it is very quiet.

Two places that might be of interest are Krabe and Hua Hin. Hua Hin, during the week from what I hear, is a very good destination for expats who don't want the fast lane and it is very affordable. Krabe is somewhat similar but being close to Phuket may be a little more expensive. Plus Hau Hin is within easy reach of Bangkok, for your pleasure.  I live in Chiang Mai. I like being near the sea but for now I'm in Chiang Mai. I will in the not too distant future will be taking an exploratory trip to Hua Hin. To each his own. I'm sorry but I'm of the impression that Pattaya has a dangerous side to it, unless you like living in the fast lane. Do you research and enjoy.

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