How to find an apartment in Colombo

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I am Apurva, an Indian expat who has recently moved to Colombo. I head the digital marketing practice at a global advertising agency.

I have been looking for apartments the past few days but without much luck. I would really appreciate any leads for a furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Colombo 3, 4, 5, or 7.


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I would invite you to post an ad in the housing in Colombo section.

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search on internet you will find lot

please see the links

Hi, Check from Wellawatta side. It has lots of luxary appartments who are providing the houses for rent or sales

any luck? wts ur budget?

Hello to everyone, I'm new here although I introduced myself on a Spanish speaking foro it's not that active so I'll try my luck here.

I'm moving to Colombo with my partner in May and we've just started looking for an apartment or a house. We need something big and nice, as we'll both work from home (for Spanish and Maldivian companies).

We've already checked many places on lankapropertyweb and ikman, but then, when you call the agent, everything is already taken... it seems that they don't update these ads very much. What's the best way of finding apartment? Should we come first to Colombo, stay somewhere and then look in the newspapers?

One option we really liked is an apartment in Global Towers Hotel & Apartments, but we're quite worried to share the building with mostly short-term rentals... Is it a good idea to live in Marine Drive or is it too touristic area?

I would love to live close to the beach, but maybe more residential area would suit us better... What do you think?


It really depends on what sort of property you want. Do you have kids? If so consider renting a house - a lot of these tend to be cheaper than apartments.

It doesn't take that long to travel around in Colombo and the further out you are the cheaper the apartments. Most of the more expensive ones are priced in US$ by the landlords. The other factor is your budget - you mentioned about wanting a nice big place. There are plenty of those but prices can get high if you are in the centre of the city. Apartments at the Monarch or Emperor (beside Cinnamon Grand hotel) can be about 250,000 - 300,000 rupees a month but there are much cheaper ones around.

As far as finding them are concerned, there are local real estate agents who can act on your behalf - just tell them where and what you want and they will come up with some choices. Alternatively, there are a few websites HIT ads are usually more up to date.

When I first came here I stayed short term in a serviced apartment at Crescat Residences and it worked out ok for me. I was able to settle in and look around at leisure until I found the right one (through an agent). I stayed for a month and the cost wasn't too bad - just over US$1000 but its probably more now.

Good luck and I hope you find something soon.


Thank you Terence, for your quick reply. We don't have any kids, it's just two of us, but we would like our family to come, from time to time, so a family-friendly place is a plus.

Our maximum budget is 200,000 rupees a month, but ideally speaking we'd like to find something lower than that.

I think I'll do the same, first rent a temporary place and then start to look for something to settle down. You said it's easy to move around Colombo, I was thinking about Mount Lavinia but I'm quite worried if I can get to Colombo easily whenever I want. How do you move around? I heard that cars are quite expensive, we were thinking about buying one...

Finally, could you recommend me some websites or agents that aren't listing already rented apartments?

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200K per moth would be more than enough for a good place to live. Even in Colombo 7. Check out the places in Mt. Lavinia, Wellawatte, Bambalapitiya & Kollupitiya. It would be easier to travel to Colombo from those areas and adequate public transport is available for those areas (Buses, Trains).
And yeah vehicles are pretty expensive here.

Hi Patrycja,

No problem and as Nalti confirmed - cars are very expensive here - tuk tuks (local 3 wheel taxi) are cheap and readily available to get around and the bus service is good.

If your budget is 200k then you should be able to find something nice - either close to the city or Mount Lavinia or Dehiwala if you want to be away from the busy part. I have Spanish friends who stay on Havelock Road which is pretty good.

I know a guy called Moneil who is an agent here but not sure if I am allowed to post his telephone number here - send me a contact request and I will send you it by personal message. Just tell him what you are looking for and he will do the rest (I used him to find my apartment). There are other agents out there but I don't have contact details and some waste your time by taking you to properties that are nothing like what you are looking for.

Good luck

Check these guys, they have decent accommodation in colombo.

Good Luck.

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Can you please send me the number of the agent as I am also looking for a nice place to rent.  Thanks a lot.  I. Am from Australia.
Please. Email me at ***
Many thanks

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