Dental work in Poltava.

Just want to know if any one has experience with a dentist in Poltava?  My profile on here is a bit deceptive as I do not live in Ukraine but visit my girlfriend here on a regular basis.  I am in need of dental work which is awfully expensive back in Wisconsin, USA.  I will be visiting her dentist while here.  But want to know if any one has experience in Poltava.  Thank you.  Hope any one who is living here in Ukraine is enjoying the winter time.  There is a great difference in how the roads are maintained in the winters as compared back in Wisconsin.  I hold the government to blame.  The people of Ukraine definitely need to hold the government and representatives to the fire to improve life here for them.

If you come to Kharkiv, I can give you some good recommendations.  I have a friend who lives in Poltava, I will have to ask him what he recommends.

Thank you.
I only have another week before I return to US.  I will make a visit to my girlfriends dentist in the mean time.  But I will keep in mind any advice or information you may have for future reference.

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