Public Tai Chi or similar in HCMC D1 ?

I saw a group of people doing some yoga or similar in a park near me.  I also read that in Tao Dan park, you can join a free Tai Chi class, but finding any schedule type info has been quite painful. 

My question is: when is this (or similar) class? or can anybody share where/when similar classes are?  and are they friendly to a western foreigner joining? 

I am totally willing to pay for tai chi classes as well, but I would much rather join an open air public class if I can find one.  I am close to Ben Thanh, so I would prefer something I can walk to in the morning or evening.  Thanks!

Hi, I was just wondering if you ended up finding any more information about tai chi classes?

Forget it if your a foreigner


Just wondering if you found what you are looking for?
I could possibly organise a 2/3 day seminar if there is enough interest.

Probably more suited to foreigners, due to costs involved. They are qualified instructors with a extensive experience and affiliated with a global martial arts organisation.

I guess you mean some smelly backpackefs from pnl who did a yoga retreat in goa or somewhere

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