23yo Australian/Lebanese wanting to move to Lebanon

Hi All,

So I'm a 23 year old who's lived in Sydney for 11 years and the UAE before that. I used to visit Lebanon regularly but had an 8 year gap until my most recent trip which I just returned from. I fell in love with it, overlooking all the corruption and lack of progress I felt more alive and myself than I've felt my whole life. It is a lifestyle that fits me so much more than Sydney which is slower, more quite and everything is extremely far.

I really am looking to move there even if not permanently but at least 1 year or so just to get my foot back there. My background is in IT and business process analysis but I am still very young and have only 1.5 years experience and a fresh degree. I do however speak and read Arabic + English. I have no idea how to get my foot in the door to leave the country and make a move. It doesn't seem straight forward there to get a job and I want to have something a bit certain before I make such a big move but at the end of the day want to move no matter what!

Thank you for all and any advice! If someone wants to contact me directly to send me advice feel free to message me! I'm dying to go back!!!!

Hi Joe,

My advice to you is to look for jobs in Lebanon while you are still in Australia. It's not an easy task but it's the right start if you wish to live in this country and keep a good career life and background.
All the best of luck.

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