Possibly moving to Khartoum

Hi there.  My husband and I might possibly be re-locating to Khartoum.  Any expat wives out there who can give me some tips please?  I am told that the apartments are fully furnished, but I have learnt from previous postings that this is not always the case.  If we are short of items is it fairly easy to purchase household goods there (linen, towels, kitchen goods)?

Where would you suggest looking for an apartment?  I know that there are always preferable areas.  We wont be needing any schools.

Are there any women's associations to join?  AWA, BWA or ANZA?

Any other tips will be gratefully appreciated.

yes you can find furnished apartments and you can purchase locally all you need.
You may send more specific questions and we will try to help
arben caslli
WFP Khartoum

Hi furkid, if you want furnished apartments , i can provid some aparments with fully furnitured in the most elgant componds in khartoum,..

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