I moved to marrakech from UK last month and faced a major issue wth schools for English speaking kids. There are few schools in marrakech but they are only use education for commercial purposes meaning thier fees are sky high. I have spoken to few English Expats and they feel the same, however there are many native English teachers teaching English in so many schools but not as full time Teacher. I want to start a project where we ( Native English Speakers) can get togather and start our own school for English Speaking Expat's Kids, doing this will not just increase our Expat circle but we will also have our kids taught in same manners as in UK. I know its a long shot but it has to start somewhere. I hope that we can all get togather Teachers and Parents alike and do something for our kid's Education so even if you decide to go back your kids will straight be in mainstream of education. Most schools here are run by French people who's teaching is different to our back in UK. So come on Guys lets get togather and plan this Project and see it through. Remember Nothing in Life is IMPOSSIBLE. please get in touch so we can start working on this great Project as soon as posdible. Once we get enough intrested people we can arrange a meeting and then take it from there. Plz msg me privately so we can exchange contact details.

Kind Regards,
R Imtiaz

Hi Imitaz,
I have been in discussion with someone to start an English based primary school in Casa.
The most difficult part has been to identify and find a property for this purpose, I have been searching for a suitable location for the past few months with little or no success.
If you are really interested in working on this project then inbox me .

best regards

My name is Andri and I`m Romanian. I`m a primary school teacher for 15 years and I`ve obtained during time some English certificates while living in UK.
First of all, congratulations for your initiative!
If you consider that I might be eligible to take part somehow in your project, I`d be happy to get involved. I`m currently looking for similar job in Morocco and I`ll be there in summer.
Thank you in advance and sorry for daring! :)
The best luck!

Best regards,

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Hi Andri i am not employing anyone as i explained i want to do this project to help people not make money, off course the teachers will be paid but they will not be just employees they will be a part of a team who will run this project. I dont believe in making money from people who simply want the best for thier children in a new country and not fortunte enough to have too much money to throw away at MONEY MAKING COMMERCIALISED SCHOOLS who's onlt aim is to make money from EDUCATION. So i will be intrested to have a group of teachers who can help me achieve this Insha Allah.

Hi! Thank you for answering!
I totally understand, just wanted to know if I can contribute somehow, even as a team member. I think that when someone is teaching, the money aren`t on the 1st place, so I thought to give it a try and ask. I `m also teaching in purpose built schools.
Anyway, the best luck and congratulations for the initiative!
Best regards,

Thanks for your understanding i will defintely let u knw. Good luck.

Hi there
I really loved your idea even if doesn't concern me I just loved it
I was trying to find some native English speakers to teach them dialect Arabic but didn't get lucky
Anyways, your idea is brilliant and I would love to help whenever possible ofcourse if u need a local's help

Many thanks Brahim i will contact you if i need local help.

Okey sure

Hello,i am interesting in your project i loved it i have got a sertifucate in in english language last year i live in morroco u would be happy to work with  you and make our kids get involved in that school

Hi rsimtiz am thinking the same way I live in. Usa am thinking to move back to morocco with 3 kids 10 years 7 and 2 y olds I love to the Buissince with you call me at ***

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Hi !

I read your message, do you contact the British Academy in Marrakech ?

Hi There,

I am in Marrakesh and my wife and two children will come this June. I am looking to place them in a school here but I find the fees a little expensive. No scholarships are offered. Both children have exceptional academic track records (Straight A´s) and are very well behaved.
I would be interested in exploring other possibilities. My wife would be more than willing to help with your cause and indeed already is very actively involved in helping out at our local school.

Would you be good enough to drop me a line so that we might explore the possibility of helping each other.

Thanking you in advance



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Hi There,

I arrived in Marrakech a month ago and my wife and two children ( ages 10 and 13) will come in June. My friend has three children ages 6, 12 and 15. We are all facing the same problem. 

I am in Marrakech (Gueliz) and I would certainly be up for meeting a few other parents to see if we can all do a bit of brain storming to see what resources we all might be able to pool together.
Weekends are the best time for me, but not this bank holiday.

Let me know how you feel about it.


David R

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My name is Sophie and I am Danish. I am moving to Marrakech in August to work. I would love to be part of your project somehow. I have experience in teaching. Are you thinking about nursery too? I would love be involve and to work as a nursery teacher!
Good luck with everything! It sounds like a really good idea!

Hi Sophsoe

From my side I can tell you we have children ages 6,10,12,13 and 15.

All speak perfect English and perfect Greek or Spanish, and basic French.


Hi !

Are you contacting the Marrakech  British Academy ?
You will find the web site in Google, i think.

Hi, I am currently visiting Essaouria with the view to perhaps coming out here and setting up an English language school. I am employed in the uk as a senior teacher at a secondary school in Dorset, and have always had a passion for life in Morocco.

I am going to be in Essaouria for the next ten days and would value meeting up to discuss your project.

Best wishes, Angus

Hi angus,
Thanks for your post i am in uk atm fir my daughter's eye operation will be bck by september.

Just about to move to Marrakech. Any progress on setting up the school?

Hi David, sorry for the late reply i am in UK at the moment for my Daughter's Eye operation will be back in marrakech by the end of Oct or early Nov. I will msg you my contact number so we can have a chat as i didnt have any response regarding the project as i guess most people are scared of taking first step and just want to put the kids in English schools run by Either French or Local People, in my honest opinion they are just there for commercial purposes not to educate the kids.

For private instruction:

You can try the British school in Marackech

Hi David,

we have just arrived in Marrakech, and I have 2 boys aged 10 and 12....I wondered if you have arrived and wanted to meet up...I am considering homeschooling options...or helping to set up a wonderful inspiring school here

Marvelous, What a great plan, really hope you guys make all that as successful . i'm ready to help if anyone of you needs it .


I am also looking for English school for my daughter, I've contacted some Schools in Marrakech and they are so expensive, I would like to move soon but I am still looking for something that I can affored

Great idea what’s your contact number ?

I'm really interested and I can help you out in your project knowing that I'm fluent in English.

Best regards

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Hi everyone
I have visited the place if Clair yesterday
It is simply wow. Clair was a super nice English lady who is sure of what she is doing. We will of a transport solution as many parents liked her idea too and would like their kids to join her little team.
I thought of sharing this with u and if you have any queries, plz feel free to ask me


congratulation. im seeking for experience. if there's something i can do, i'll be ready. not necessarily  teaching.

best regard

:)  hi,
Yes I want also to join this project for my kids purppose, please contact

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I am An English Teacher in marackech and Native moroccan as well.  The British school in Marackech is too expensive really and the American school is no exception. Listen guys try to put your children in other schools. They would suffer in the beginning trying to learn Arabic or French, but eventually they 'll fit in ! Just a matter of time ..

Asalaamu alaykum.

I would be interested.  My twin girls aged 3 currently go to an English school in marrakech that teaches the English home schooling curriculum, but it is very expensive. 

I have been thinking of switching to an Arabic school.

I am also a qualified writer and have a degree in Journalism and also studied childcare in my younger years,  so would love to get involved in some teaching. 

I look forward to hearing from you in shaa Allah

Hi Habeebah
Thanks for writing to me . We have launched our home schooling project. Group of 6 kids. My kids are 4.5 and 8.5 and the rest 6.5 , 7.5 and 2 kids that are 8.5 too.
It s not going to be cheap too cuz we hire an American teacher, an assistant, french, Arabic and music teacher. This is we wanna save what the kids missed at Montessori school . That school was rubbish in terms of everything. They will pass a little test of WES in May to assess their level and by next year we will pay for WES program.



I have my children in Academy, they follow WES form UK, and Oxford for the College.

Do you have the price for your homeschooling ?


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