Hope EP/S Pass Approved in 2017

Hello everyone,

I open this box for all people who are waiting for the Pass approval, If anyone get approved in 2017, please post in here. My case is from October 18th 2016, and still it is pending.  Wish the best to all of you!

I am also from Oct2016 and waiting

Hi VuNguyen0000, I come from Vietnam and I am also waiting for S-Pass approval since November 2016. The status is still pending till now. Please post in here if your S-Pass is approved. Wish all the best to us!

Hi Vu Nguyen, I also waiting for my EP approval. I'm waiting for 2 weeks.
Btw, I would like follow up with any Vietnamese or foreigners whom are waiting for EP/SPass to work in Singapore.
Does anyone have received approval in this year? and how long did it take?

Hi Hoangpham188, I found another job in Vietnam, so I asked the employer in Singapore to withdraw my S Pass. I am not sure whether or not my pass would have been approved if I still kept waiting, but until the day I withdraw the EP application, it's been 3 months of waiting. I don't have any advises for you, but hope your case will soon be approved.

Thanks VuNguyen0000, why don't you keep to wait on your application? You can work in new job in Vietnam during the waiting time. I think it will be approved soon.
As the last time I have waited for visa in Malaysia, it have been taken long time more than common, so I think just patient and waiting for the good news coming.
So now, You have got experience that do not resign your job until you get work permit from any country if you want to work outside Vietnam.
Anyway, hope all the best in your career will come to you.

Hello everybody!

I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and luckily hired by a company in Singapore.

They already told me about my job which fits my job experience. I have 6 years and 4

month. They applied me for an S-Pass with a salary of 2600 SGD last October 16

and still waiting for the approval up to now.

BTW, I previously work in Singapore on Sep 2012-Feb MArch 2013, for 6 months only because my previous employer terminated my contract because

I am under performing (which I admit, because I told him that I know Autocad during

interview only for him to find out that I don't). After my termination, they give me 1

month to stay in Singapore.

During my stay, I applied for different company but unluckily I was not hired and my stay is nearly to end so me and my friends decided to go to Johor Bahru for a quick tour as well as lengthening my stay in Singapore. We use dummy tickets only to stating that I will go back to the Philippines on a fake date only for them to checked that actually it was dummy so I was called by an Immigration Officer and angrily decided to put me in jail.

I explained the reason which I considered white lies and say that I only did that because I want to work in Singapore which is true. Luckily, they allowed me to enter Singapore
but they stamp my passport that I have to go back to Philippines in 3 days.

My concerns are:

1) Is my 6 months stay in my previous company affect my SPass application??
2) Am I not blacklisted?

Hoping to hear from you guys soon.

God bless us !

Multiple issues you have, I have doubt that ICA might have shared your historical data with MoM.  In separate note, with 6 years of experience, your salary should be above $3000. So, offered salary is way below to the present market standards. Chances are high that it will be rejected. Good luck

Thanks sir! I tried the SAT and stated that I am only valid for S-pass.
You mean that there is a possibility that even my pass will be approved, I may not enter Singapore?

Correct, you are only eligible to apply S pass, doesn’t means it will approve. MoM has also mentioned in its website, if you have number of years experience then salary part should be higher. So, currently you are offered below par salary.

You said in another thread (please post every topic only once, it gets confusing otherwise and helps nobody!) that you also have a degree in computer science.
With that and 6 years experience, you need to earn above S$5000/month and get an EP. If the SAT says otherwise, you have either given false information or your degree is not recognised.
Why are you so adamant on going to Singapore, even with a miserable pay far below your market value, which won't afford you a decent lifestyle in expensive Singapore?

Thank you for that reply Sir. 2600 is decent enough for me to live there. An open country in which I can make my wife visit me even 3 times per year. Oh! And I am earning 850 SGD here in Saudi Arabia,only..

From that salary, you will only be able to rent a sublet room in a shared flat (which costs S$600-1000/month, or S$800-1200 with attached bath). I'm not sure if your wife can or wants to visit you there.

I already ask my friend and he allowed me to share the room which costs 650 a month.
I calculated my monthly expenses would be 1000 SGD and 1600 is fair enough for a savings.

On that salary, you will not save much, even if you only pay S$650 rent (which is cheap).

650/2=330. I can save much more than what I earn here Sir.

Hahaha, two people to a room and then you want your wife to visit???

But then you will really save some if you live frugally - I think it is possible (although certainly not nice) to survive with only S$1000-1200/month plus rent.

Good day everyone. Just wanna tell a good news to everybody. Praise God and my s-pass is already approved last Thursday after 9 working days. So don't lose hope.Good luck to everyone waiting!!!

Hello.. Congrats to your pass approval!😊

But anyway i thought ur employment pass applied oct 16? And u said now 9 working days now before mom approval.. (just want to ask coz im same situation to you and also pilipino..)

Congrats anyway! Godbless

Actually they offered me a letter last October 16 and stated that they will apply for my pass once I accept. They applied on that date but they experience some problems in their system and re applied on the 8th of November and go it's approval on the 17th that's why its only 9 days.It is also shown on my IPA. Good luck to everybody!

My pass approved July 2017.
New pass or 2nd pass approved October 2017 for less than two weeks of waiting.
So don't lose hope guys.
I wish everyone the best.


2 pass in 3 months???

He seems to be collecting them ...

It's prayer. And God knows how I suffered from the first employer.
Yes, 2passes in 3 months.

Yeah! Amen to that because prayer is indeed powerful.Good luck kapatid!

Hello Experts,

Is it mostly certain in all cases that EP appeal will land to the same officer who has rejected the original application, or it is not guaranteed?


We don‘t know for sure, but since even a new officer will get and review the (internal) rejection reasons, it wouldn‘t make much difference.

My EP visa was filed on 10th November, but still it is pending. I have resigned from current company in belief that EP visa will get approved in 2-3 three weeks. Does there anyone whose visa is being applied by PETER KLARE CONSULTING?

There is no guarantee that an application is processed in 2 - 3 weeks. In fact most applications take 1-2 months nowadays.
That your employer has appointed an agency to apply on their behalf should not make a difference to the time needed. If anything it will cause a slight delay due to less efficient communication.

Thanks for the reply beppi. As you are saying that delays are caused by less efficient communication. Does it mean that the agency which applies visa, they in regular touch with MOM? Are agencies keep communicated about the status, reason of delay or for any additional documents or information required etc.?

Agencies usually do nothing that the employer (who engaged them) could also do themselves (there is no regular communication between application and approval/rejection), but in case of questions or additional information requested by MoM, the agency does not have the answer and must in turn contact the employer (who might have to contact you). That makes communication slower and sless efficient.
For that (and potentially other) reasons, MoM prefers to deal with employers directly.

@VaibhavK, what is the news on your EP, it it approved or still pending?

Dear experts and members,

Has anyone seen/noticed the EP status changing anytime during the day on the non-login MOM website, or it changes only during the data synchronisation in the night which reflects next day?


No idea.
But with the timeframe for EP processing being weeks or months, it makes absolutely no sense to check more than once daily.

It is still pending.

On which date, your EP was applied?

Hi Beppi and all, My EP visa which was filed on 14th November has been approved today. Can anyone tell, this visa will be applicable for what duration?

On EP approval, you are issued an IPA (In-Principle Approval) letter, which you can use to enter Singapore. The validity of the IPA is written on it, usually three months.
Once you are in Singapore, you need to get your actual EP issued (by MoM) and then you can work. An EP is usually subject to renewal once a year.

Hi guys.. Just want to share that my epass approved!😊 nothing is impossible with God.. Goodluck to everyone! 😊😊😊

Thanks beppi and surya for all ur advice😊

Congrats and hope others who are waiting for their result, will receive similar good news soon. Cheers

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