Looking for a small office to rent

Hi everyone, My name is Jason and i'm from London.

I'm looking to rent a small office for 2 - 3 people in Hanoi, Vietnam.
This is a new venture so im looking for help and advice as to what to look for, price, areas to consider.

Then comes the daunting task of hiring photo editors.....

Any help is very welcome. :)

Thanks in advance.

There's this new concept thats growing in popularity with the big developers in Vietnam called officetel units. They are studio apartments/offices usually about 35-50 square meters and 50 year commercial leases in newly built residential towers.

I looked at a few by novaland. The benefit is you get to use the residential services like the pool, gym and concierge.

Might be worth looking in too if you have a lump sum up front and how long you plan on doing business in Vietnam. The price is about 40-50,000 GBP for a 50 year lease. Though I think you can rent them too.

Most of their projects have officetels and Vinhomes are starting to sell officetels too. 

I'm not an estate agent so no hidden agenda on this link for reference. … residence/

Hi everyone,

@ Jason, you may also have a look at the adverts in the Offices for rent and sale in Hanoi section of the website and even drop your own ad. It might get you some offers.

All the best,

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Well, it depends on your budget and what type of business you want to establish. I have a small office  available, if you want to have photos then i will send you. Thanks

if you're a new venture or start-up, I would consider looking into co-working spaces in Hanoi.  They should have options for 2-3 people.  Monthly fee is reasonable, but other major benefits include being able to network with other start-ups and access to various new venture-type resources, such as investors, finance, and legal.

Thank you. :)

what kind of office do you want to rent? If it is central or not? It is in the maid road or small lane or flat?

I think I have found my solution. Thanks :)

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