Moving to Doha with Uae Uncancelled visa

Hello Everyone.  Thankyou for taking time to read my post.

I was working in UAE, dubai for 6 mnths and i went home to bury my mom. When i got back my boss filed an ansconding case and i was deported without my visa being cancelled. It will become invalid in February ( due to six mnths continous exit). I have had no luck finding out about the ban in uae as my friends have been given a run around. I am now considering moving to Qatar.

Here are a few of my concerns.
1. Will I be able to successfuly get Qatar residence and a work permit.

2. Is it wise to come to qatar on visit visa to job hunt ( as I did in UAE)

Thank you for your advise

Hi Redroses,

It is no that easy to get visa here in Qatar, because your nationality is not one of the 33 countries who can get upon arrival visa at the Hamad international airport.

So to get a visit visa you should have one of your family who works here in Qatar with any company to apply a visit visa for you and then you can search for a job in Qatar.

Hope it's a clear to you

Thank you Falcon Qatar. That is clear to me. How ever my worry is that am told thr is a link between uae and qatar. So will the situation above affect me in anyway given that i have a family member who cn get me a visit visa

Hi again,

Do you have RP (Resident Permits) in UAE or you are there in Business visa ? Because there is a different between them, if you have RP then what is your job title mentioned in your RP ?

If your job title is one of the 160 occupations who can take upon arrival visa which will enable you to get a visit visa at the international airport in Qatar, taking into consideration that your RP should not be canceled by the sponsor in the UAE otherwise you will not be able to get upon arrival visa.

Note : 160 occupations is only for the GCC countries and the people who hold residency permits valid for more than 6 months.

Good luck

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