Dental tehnician moving to Mauritius

I'm from Croatia and my first profession is dental technician.
My second profession is masseur.
I want to move to Mauritius.

My questions:
- have there a job for dental technician?
- how much is paid that job?
- is it better to find job like masseur?


Yes, there are jobs in the dental medicine field. However bear in mind that the process of moving to Mauritius is quite selective and you will need the qualifications and experience not found on the island to convince the authorities to grant you a 'Work & Live' permit also called an Occupation Permit.

Also, dental practices are regulated by the Dental Council of Mauritius and if you obtain your permit, maybe you will have to take up some exams before you are registered and can start working.

Salary will depend on your level of expertise.

Regarding the profession of masseur, I'm not sure if the authorities still deliver permits. I know there are some foreigners who were recruited for spas and hotels but this will generally be under a different scheme where you will be paid much less than with an Occupation Permit.


For dental profession, it is advisable to seek the opinion of Dental / Medical council. You can send a copy of your CV to them.  Feom my last intervention at a similar project (relocation of a dental technician), it appeared that the proefession doesn't fall into scarcity area and it's a bit complicated to have a permit there.  Hence my advice to turn around and seek Dental / Medical council opinion.

As for Masseur, unless you are a specially high qualification and speciality, you won't qualify for any permit.  Again the specialisation or qualification can only add to your case but do not guarantee any success in permit.

I'm not there to discourage you,but both of your options seem weak.  You need to think of stronger option.

Kind regards

Have you moved to Mauritius? Pls do let me know in case you are still looking out for positions of dental technician

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