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Hi its me Adarsh from nepal,i am 24 years  old currently working in malaysia.
I just want to get information about  how can i go there in indonesia for working ,i really need a deep information.
If possible plz all nepalese people who are staying in indonesia help me for how can i come there.Can email me ***  or just leave me a massage here.

Thank you

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You need a skill that is unavailable from an Indonesian citizen.
If you have such a skill, you will be issued with a work permit once an employer has accepted you.

No special skill means no hope of work in Indonesia.

Do you have skills that are rare in Indonesia?

I am diplom+ in hotel management

Plenty of them around here so it's less than likely you'll find a legal job.
Working illegally is a very bad idea.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Hi Fred, I am currently on a vacation in Jakarta and is looking for a job related to sales and marketing. I am a Filipino, I used to work with Expats in the Philippines during the majority of my working tenure in there. Are there any vacancies or chances that I can land a job in Jakarta? Thank you

Your problem is going to be finding a job that requires skills unavailable from an Indonesian national.
The unemployment rate means if an Indonesian can do it, you can't get a work permit so legal work is impossible.
That changes if you have specialist knowledge or skills related to the industry in question.

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