Hi, I am new to the country and looking for a free baskball courts

Hello everybody,
My name is Mohamed Bulale, i am very new to country Egypt and lively in 6 city of October. I am studying here a couple years. I was looking for a place to play basketball. I am keen play and played the game at all levels in the UK.

But will in Egypt I have been looking for a court. But found football places to play football. But I love basketball a lot. Please help me, thank you for all your help in advance. Asalamu ayalakum. Take care

You welcome bro I am from your city if you need any kind of help please let me know

Ahlan Welcome to Egypt.
I believe the British Embassy has a sport club that runs in Mohandessin and Maadi that runs frequently. You may want to check with them. Do pick up a magazine from the reception that updates for British Expats of all activities running in Egypt.


Thank you very much. I will speak to you soon. We I get free ok.

Marhaba: Thank you so much. You are very helpful. I wish I met more people like you.

Welcome, i know there are several basketball courts at 6th October sports club.
but you need an invitation for the first time then ask one of the trainers there to get you access later on.

if you need any help, i'm from October, feel free to send me

Yes there is many sport club areas around cairo. Let me know how you get on. Il have a game with you once I arrive back in Egypt.

Shaheer Subar

I have been busy, still looking for these free basketball courts in 6th of October city. When I am free from my studies, I will message u back. Thanks for you help.

Hi im a stranger as well and ive been looking for a basketball court too long ago if you find one lemme kno thanks

Depends on your location are u in october city too?

I am in sheikh zayed

Hi there, where do you study in 6 October,  I study in October 6 University, if it's the same university may be we might be friends. For the basketball court, you should visit October 6 Club ( Nadeey 6 October ) it's located opposite to O6U along the road to 7th district

I live in Rehab City. Anyone playing basketball regularly in the new cairo area?

Would love to go back to playing.


Hello guys, I'm a college basketball player. I'd like to join you for some pick up games

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