New to Kampala and/or Uganda?

Hi all - karibuni!

I'm a British expat who's lived in Kampala - "KLA" - since 2009.

Check out my blog Diary of a Muzungu for tips about expat life in UG. You'll love KLA! It's a great but sometimes crazy city! … ---s=expat

Life in Uganda: a dog named Baldrick and a mouse in my fridge – a short introduction to my life in Uganda

You might enjoy my Facebook page too I'm often online and can answer questions about life as an expat, visas, good places to buy stuff, tourism and travel ideas (weekends away, lodge reviews, gorilla tracking, safaris, days out...)  and more, so you're welcome to message me.

Enjoy UG! It's a fantastic country!

Uganda is a perfect place to live in

Since you look like you know what your doing....:)

Would you, by chance, know if I must get a Visa PRIOR to entering the country? Or can one get one UPON entry?

I have found mixed information.


You need a visa before travel.

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