Iqama transfer request status.

hello guys,

Abdullah here. i am currently working in a company and waiting for my  iqama to get transferred, any body here has any information about the status NOT CONFIRMED in demand situation in ministry of labor column . what will be the status there if my kafeel rejects the request from my company or is there any option to check whether my company has send the transfer request or not . Just curious to know how the things will work here in saudi arabia. kindly help.

If any of you know anything kindly reply. Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

Your current employer didn't deny or accept the request sent by your new employer.

Then request status must be in pending. I was thinking it was rejected by my Kafeel. I am I guessing it right, correct me if I am wrong. Anyways thank for your reply.

Dear TLL you have been doing a great work, thumps up for you!
Please help me in my case though, Actually I am having a free transferable visa and I joined a company also they sent request to my sponsor but now I don't want to give transfer to that company because I got an good and valuable offer from other company, However iqama transfer status showing NOT CONFIRMED.
Please let me know what can I do to get rid of that request sent by new company

Please any one help me in same matter I am introu le because my iqamah will be expire next month

I am in the same situation. MOL showing not CONFIRMED..
Please somebody help me.

your kafeel has rejected transfer request sent by your company ask your company to send a new request for transfer, and you go again to your kafeel and pay all pending money or pay him what he wants and then I hope your kafeel accepts the request. When your kafeel accepts your transfer request in MOL in place of Transfer request status your will get Has been Approved and below your new company details will come.

I think your company can help even after your Iqama expiry as I came to know that after your iqama expires you don't need your kafeel , your new company can renew it and take the transfer. But confirm this from your company's Mandoop and take the step.

Thank you for your kind reply..
The new request was placed and it is under study but i want to know one more thing..
Is it possible to travel to India during this under study status..
I want to go to India because of an emergency..Is it possible..
Kindly advise..

yes, it possible. you should get your entry-exit done by your old kafeel as your iqama is still not transferred to a new company.

My new company has recently make a transfer request to my kafeel and  he says he approved the request.

In MOL  the Status is showing "Under studying".

Can any one know what this actually means?

How can i know my kafeel had accepted the request or not?

Last week my new kafeel has raised request for transfer of sponsor , it was accepted by old kafeel and i could see the approved status. Next day i check the same it was changed to  تحت الدراسة ( Under study). its shows same till now. Please help and advice.

If the electronic request is accepted by your previous kafeel it mean the Iqama has been transferred to new Kafeel, Now New kafeel should apply for New iqama, Jawazat will issue new iqama on the name of your new kafeel. No another procedure required.


Muhammad Safdar

Dear Brother

لم تتم الموافقة Its showing the status like this today at MOL website.

your status should be has been approved and below that your new kafeel or company details will be given. then your new kafeel should go to jawazzat nad apply for new iqama.

your request is rejected.

Company status turned to be red category. Thanks anyways

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