Tennis courts at Jawarat Al-Shatti (Muscat, Oman)

I heard that these tennis courts are "public" courts?
Does anyone know how you can reserve a court there? They are normally locked, so I think you'll have to register somewhere, pay a fee and then reserve your court?

Does anyone have an idea how exactly that works?

Thx a lot in advance.

Greetings, Peter

I am an ardent tennis fan and would like to play. Hope you managed to get the details of the courts at JAS?

Happy Playing!

Hi Pellihi, Not sure about JAS but i checked lately at Muscat holiday inn near Oman Club and they had cost packages not very high on per annum basis. You might wana check them out. Cheers!

thx a lot - is it in Al-Khuwair?

Tanii :

I am an ardent tennis fan and would like to play. Hope you managed to get the details of the courts at JAS?

Happy Playing!

I love tennis as well, would love to know more information on the available tennis courts in Muscat.

Interested in playing tennis at night during weekdays around 8:30 PM. Let me know if anyone is interested :)

I'm certainly interested in playing tennis - evening and weekends are good for me. I'm thinking about joining Muscat Holiday as there is a court there. Is anyone else a member there or can suggest another place that might be better?

the tennis courts are for private lessons only :)

Hello everyone, I used to play tennis while i was in India. But after coming to Oman, somehow couldn't manage. Now I am looking forward to start playing again. Would love to play if anyone is willing. Since my job starts in afternoon, would love to play in mornings and of course anytime on weekends. Willing to play anywhere. Do let me know if anyone's up for it. Thanks

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Hi lads,

where are public tennis courts in Muscat?

Hey Guys,

I am a harcore fan of tennis and is seeking a partner.
I am a member Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex and would love playing in the evening preferably between 7pm and 9pm.

hi u find tennis courts in qurm in muscat opposite of intercontinital hotel


I would like to play if you still want to. I'm available all weekdays from 6 pm to 9 pm.


Hi can anybody guide me how to find a place and partner to play tennis in Muscat
I'm staying at al khuwair near aba school.
Can play early mornings or late vengeance after 8pm.

Check out the Royal Hospital Health club, it has 2 courts and Im looking for a partner as well. Let me know if you are interested. By the way I'm a beginner, let me know your skill level.

We can talk over phone to take things forward - 92880107


Hello Nandy_2013, I am looking for somebody to play tennis, because from I got Muscat two months ago, I don´t find anybody for it. Hope your answer or you can call me...  96085625

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Hi everybody,

I just arrived in Muscat few days ago.
Anybody for a tennis game ?
I'm available on afternoons and weekends.


Does snyone play tennis at Al Bustan Hotel?
I will be visiting Oman 1 st week November and would like to play either tennis or racketball?
Thanks in advance

Hi there..i heard about the tennis there someone can help or assist me how to play to the said tennis court or give me the guidlines for the payment and rules to the said tennis court?im coming 1year this august 2015 here in muscat oman but untill now i cant. play tennis, i :(  love this sports so much.please help me.

Chris here..thank you good day.

Please message me if someone knows about tennis court how to play and instruction for payment and rules of the court.

Chris here..thank you :)

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I just recently picked up tennis as a hobby.
No skill just begginer but willing to learn
Can play early morning or night. My work schedule is flexible and unpredictable. I live in Al Khuwair.
Recently i am just playing against a wall.
Willing to split court fees or what not.
Msg me in whats app. ****************

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