Can a spanish teacher from spain find a job in ecuador?

Don't know if i have to speak english or spanish in this forum?

My girlfriend is from spain , she's a linguist and a spanish teacher.
I would like to know if it's possible to find a job in Ecuador. I'm aware than if it's a local job the pay will be local.

And if she want to create a class, private, or a small school, is it possible to do it or is it difficult?

Thank you for yours answers

Starting from scratch, creating her own class will likely be difficult, though doable.

Students may come or go .. some may ‘flake’ .. some could be deadbeats if she doesn’t collect in advance.

If she has the complementary talents -- people-friendly skills, persistence, proper promotion of her work -- she could profit from word-of-mouth recommendations a la larga and succeed in a  big way.


Hi. CCCmedia

thanks for your answer.
We already think about all the difficulty and inconvenient it could be. So we aware about this.
And it's like the same for every business.

But is it easy with the paper work?
for example do you need a special authorization for opening a school? or to have a special degree to open? An authorization for the national education minister?....

Thank you

You should check here first and communicate with the Ministry of Education in Ecuador, they should be able to answer your questions:

These links may also be of some help in outlining the steps you may have to take to open a school.  The first is a summary of the education system in Ecuador: … de_Ecuador … educacion/ … ichincha/1

thank you
i will check

Thank you,

I will check these links

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