The holiday season in Ukraine

Hello everyone,

Are you about to celebrate the holiday season in Ukraine? In many countries and cultures, the festive season is the time for happiness and reunions/gatherings. Is it so in Ukraine? How do Ukrainians celebrate this very special time of the year?

What about you? Will you spend the holiday season in your host country or in your home country? Will there be expat reunions/celebrations/parties in your region/town/area?

Thank you in advance for sharing!


Where are you in ukraine?

costin.ursu :

Where are you in ukraine?

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Do you have anything to say about the topic?  Your profile says your a Romanian living in Bucharest, are you living in Ukraine now? Thanks.

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Donetsk for Christmas & New Year!!

I am now on vacation here in Poltava with my (now) fiancee, her (our) son and her (our) family.  We are celebrating with the exchange of gifts, hugs, kiss's, dinners, toasts and good warmth.  I am very thankful and reminded of just how close the cultures of midwest Wisconsin and Ukraine are.  I also recognize the differences of every day things such as the use of electricity in lighting, the streets being plowed or unplowed.  I want to learn the language and be able to communicate instead of relying upon my fiancee.  There is so much to share and to enjoy in talking and listening to one another.  Of all times of the year it is the Christmas season that brings out the best in people.  We all want to feel loved, accepted, appreciated.

I am from the Philippines, I just got married this year with a Ukrainian National.
I really want to spend my holiday season in my husband's country because I want to experience how he and his family celebrates the holiday.

But that doesn't mean I don't miss my home country.

Prepare a lot of warm clothes because winter is coming! It is going to be very cold in Ukraine :))

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