Tax advice for U.S. citizen in Spain needed

We moved to Spain (Valencia area) in the beginning of this year from the US (NJ), and have spent over 183 days here in Spain this year. I guess we are considered to be Spanish tax residents now.

That said, we have pretty vague idea on the way we should file tax returns this year. I do understand, that the returns should be filed in both Spain and the U.S., but we feel we need some tax advice from a professional, familiar with US/Spanish taxation. My wife is receiving SSA disability benefits, and it is not clear to us, if those will be taxed in Spain or the U.S. only.

If someone knows an appropriate tax specialist, we would appreciate a referral very much.

Thank you!

P.S. We do not have much experience here, in Spain, but collected some knowledge about how things are done, and will be glad to share what we know with people, who are thinking to come to Spain from the U.S.


My wife and I live near DC in Maryland.  We bought a flat in Valencia Nov a year ago and plan to move there permanently in 2018 after Susie retires.

We have been using  for all of our legal matters there.  Lourdes Millet Serano took care of all our home purchase matters and Javier Maria Aguirre is a great tax attorney and is up to date on US citizen tax issues.  Their offices are very close to the Ayuntamiento.

I sent you their website rather than email addresses bc I was told once not to send addresses here.

I will be in Valencia from the 6th of April until Easter.  We should get together.

Happy holidays,

Phil Komornik

Hi Phil!

Thank you for your message!
I will definitely try to contact Javier Maria Aguirre for an advice.
That would be great to meet next April.
I believe we need to get in touch off the forum to discuss those things in more detail.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Hi Greg,

My email address is xxx

Phil Komonrik

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I have no personal experience with this group (yet!), but I've read a lot of their work results. You may want to touch base and see what your feelings are: Costa Luz Lawyers.

Also, as an American Citizen abroad (which my husband and I hope to be very soon!), you may also want to visit IRS Info for Taxpayers Living Abroad for more specific tax information for Americans abroad.

Best of luck to you!


Thank you Michelle!

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