Unpaid loan and credit card in termination

I am inclined to believe the content of this article that no one will be imprisoned due to unpaid credit card bills and that credit cards are insured so Banks don't lose anything for non-payment of credit cards.but some comments say otherwise.i think some more clarifications regarding this matter are welcome.thanks.

hi guys, we have same situation now and there is an agency debt collector is chasing my husband and threatening him that they will forward the case to the police and they will travel ban him? how true is this ? Does police will have the power to ban a person due to unpaid debts? beside the collector is from uae , our debts is in SABB saudi and we are in another gcc country?

hi Sheran,
Thank you for the information,in our case, the debt collector is threatening us that they will forward the case to the police and my husband will be banned to travel??

Yes, any gcc country member has the right to extradite anyone accused of breaking their laws. I was too in your husband's situation, but in my case I never moved. I accumulated quite a debt (caused by my sudden termination from work and freezing pf my accounts due to late iqama renewal), and the bank threatened to hand my file to the Saudi credit bureau, which have the authority to have people arrested. My card had expired. I found work and negotiated with the bank, and they agreed to receive monthly installememts of my debt until it was done, and that's what I did.
I'm afraid to say there is no way out of this. Of your plan is to to stay in the GCC, I recommend you find a way to pay back the debt.

Good luck. 🍀

And yes, they can ban your husband from travel, and even have his accounts frozen.

I know someone personally who was put in prison for 2 years for not paying his debt. After his release, he was forced to pay back the debt and a fine.

What is the meaning of loan insurance.? And how do the bank in ksa recover the money when someone deflaults

Hello  I was reading your post about going to umrah while owing money to the Saudi government. I have to same issue and I’m going to Imran tomorrow. Please tell me what happened when you arrived in Saudi?

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