A dogs life in Mauritius

Hi all

We are immigrating to Mauritius next year March (2017) and am looking into bringing one of my dogs.  I am heart broken as my pitbull (who is so sweet and submissive) is banned on the Island.

I have only spent 1 week in Mauritius and as an animal lover found the stray animal situation very very upsetting.

I am worried to bring my smaller dog for the following reasons:

Are the stray dogs on the beaches likely to be aggressive and potentially attack my very friendly dog? 

Are properties easy to find which accept pets?

What happens if God forbid she happens to get out and captured?  I have seen many videos of what the government does to the stray dogs and am so worried something bad happens to her.  Has this happened to many "pet dogs".

Is health care for animals easily accessible and good?

Lastly, are housesitters quite easy to find who will be good to my dog if we travel back to South Africa or overseas?

Thanks in advance!


Hi , we are also bringing our dog and 2 cats...
I think my biggest fear is Koko getting stolen but we have found a pet friendly house in Perebere with a perfect garden to keep
Her safe.
Have you started the long process with review shots etc ?

The strays are not aggressive - i carry dog food in my car at all times and i have been feeding strays all over the island. I have not found a single aggressive stray. Strays are abused by the people who throw rocks at them. Some are so scared that even after i leave food for them, they will not come back to eat it. They prefer to run away. It is very sad. If you are so concerned about your pets, then stay home and do not come here. I would never leave one of my dogs behind anyway. I moved here from the US with my 2 pets.

Thanks Sabrina for the feedback. I look forward to helping PAWS in any way I can once settled there with the stray dog situation.

Pitbulls are strictly banned on the island and she will be euthanized if I bring her so I'm sure you understand why she cannot come with?! It's not a decision we take lightly!

I've started the process for my other dog to come with us, so she should be able to enter quarantine around Mid-April.

Hi Guys

I see the Quarantine process can take up to 3 months? Has anyone experienced this before and how long does it normally take and how much stress does this put on cats? Costs????

We will be bringing 1x Boerboel 1x Great Dane and 2 cats



I haven't heard of such long quarantine on the island but lengthy rabies tests before they go. Unfortunately Boerboels are banned in mauritius so you won't be able to take him/her - as per the specimen copy the relevant government official sent me


Be VERY VERY careful about exposing your dog to the strays on here on the island. Yes they are mostly non-confrontational to people, this behaviour is about survival, not temperament, friendly dogs get fed by people. But dogs ARE pack animals and the strays will defend their territory against other dogs.

Unless yours has perfect 're-call' then don't let it run free around the strays.

Vet care is massively expensive, difficult to find and in no way comprable to most western countries. Dogs in Mauritius are looked upon as either a problem which needs to be eradicated, or a utility, like a guard dog, the concept of keeping one as a pet is lost on the vast majority of the population.

Also please please remember that you CANNOT just walk your dog down the street. The pavements are too hot and will literally burn their paws. Early morning and very late evenings are the only safe times.

Quarentine is a month. And costs little, you can visit your pet daily while there and take them for walks inside the compound.

Thanks Gssilemaurice

Are you allowed to walk dogs on the beach or in parks? Must they be on lead or can they run free? Thanks in advance.

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