Applied for Permananet Residency 26b at VFS, time period anyone?

we recently applied for permanent residency at vfs cape town, they said 8-10 months but i read online that it takes way longer than that, anyone applied at vfs can share their experience

I applied for my PRP in terms of section 26 (b) in VFS Johannesburg (Rivonia office) on September, 30, 2015. Here is my journey...
I was also advised by VFS that the process will take 8 - 10 months. After 10 months of waiting I contacted VFS. The reply was (and I quote), " The Department of Home Affairs cannot guarantee the outcome or the length of time an application takes to process; neither can it guarantee the return of decision within a certain timeframe. You are requested to wait until a decision on the application is taken since VFS Global does not have any control over the processing time."
So I decided to contact DHA via twitter platform. As per DHA the PRP processing time is 12 months. I waited 12 months. There was no outcome yet. Then I contacted DHA Pretoria, official from the Office of the Minister with long mail explaining all controversial information we are provided regarding PRP. To my surprise I received the response within 20 minutes. My email was forwarded to few officials and the adjudicator. The adjudicator replied in 2 working days that the adjudication was done and my application was with 1st Quality Supervisors. And only a month later I received my application. So total processing time was 13,5 months.
Note when you collect your application you'll get the envelope. It's either your PR ceryificate or rejection letter with the reason of rejection. My envelope contained the certificate. Then ensure that there are no mistakes on the certificate (the name is spelled correctly and the date of birth is correct).
So be patient, wait. But make sure you know your rights. Follow up after curtain times like I did. I have a feeling my application was taken out from Home Affairs "dusty shelves" only after I sent my email. And only then the adjudicator started doing her job.
If you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I'll be glad to assist with advice.

THANKS ALOT for the detailed reply, will really help. so it means untill we dont follow up then they dont care about application, but the thing is, when we really start following up with them, they should have the steps or different stages of applications where one can know how far he went.

To receive the detailed information on the process of your application would be every immigrant's dream :-) Unfortunately VFS does not supply you with this information. Upon submitting your documents you received reference number. Go to VFS website, press on Track Application, input the reference and view the status. During my 13 months waiting period the status has changed only twice: 1) the application was sent to DHA for adjudication; 2) the application was received by DHA.
Then during the last week before application arrived back to VFS Johannesburg I received automatic email that my application is at VFS Pretoria and will be sent to Johannesburg in 1 working day. Then in 2 days I received another mail that the application is ready for collection. The next morning I collected it. Basically you will receive notifications only from VFS side when the application is sent and received back. Like courier services :-) Nobody will let you know that it is with adjudicator or when the adjudication was done. The date of issue on my PRP certificate is November, 17, 2016. And it was ready for collection in Joburg on November, 25.

yes u r right, so what u suggest how should i proceed, do i start follow up maybe after 6 months, i submitted on 21 nov 2016, so mayb by may 2017 i start contacting dha about the status, because my trp is expiring in dec 2017, otherwise i have to extend my trp

My TRP expired in August 2016 and PRP was finalized in November 2016. As long as your application is in progress and you don't leave the country, it's fine. DHA are fully aware of their long processing times. You personally have enough time. I suggest to start following up in September 2017. You will have one year only in November 2017. I know it's very stressful. But nothing can be done, just waiting...
Good luck! Hopefully you will get your application back earlier.

I had a similar experience through VFS in Rivonia  and this means you cannot chase. However, after 13 months waiting I managed to get the email address of the Director General at Home Affairs. I sent him an email stating " you have either made a conscious decision not to want foreigners in SA or you are totally incompetent, which is it? "!! My visa was granted the next day !!!!

Oh. Is it possible to take permanent residency visa in south Africa? Can anybody clarify me if I am mistaken . Any expat can apply for PR in south Africa? What are the criteria ? I am a Nepalses citizen working currently  in male. I am doctor by profession.

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