Work in the resort in Maldives

Hi guys..

Is there anyone here could advise me regarding works in Baros, Maldives? Like: service charge, possibility a career growth for non European, accommodation and staff benefits (like: guest facility that the staff could use, internet, how is the staff meals, etc), how long is the contract period (is it different for each company or it's the same for all company), could we change the j what is the average salary for supervisor and assistant manager lever there?

Thank you so much guys since I have no clues about Maldives at all but I had worked in Dubai with not very pleasant experience for the first 4 months I was there on 2004 since I was not prepared for all the challenges that I could encountered (like: the heat/humidity, staff meals, cultural differences, etc) and now I have an offer from Baros but not really sure if I should take it or not.

Could you guys give me some information, please...?

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