Longanisas in the Philippines

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Like in Latin America, sausage in the Philippines are called Longanisa because of the common Conquistador influence and legacy.

I know that foreigners in general are sausage lovers. I’m taking about the Italian, Mexican, German, French, Polish, Australian, American sausages, just to name a few varieties. But I would like to know from Pinoys themselves if longanisa is often on their family table… are they only for special occasion… are they sometime homemade…

I see lots of pig guts being sold at local markets, is it used to make longanisa… How do they do it…

I know it is easy to find lots of longanisas in large supermarkets throughout the big cities of the Philippines, but there are almost none in the country or in local markets. Why…

I'm Just curious and interested in Pinoy's way of life.

As far as longanisa is concerned it's not just a favorite of the foreigners....locals (Filipinos) love them too!  In the Philippines, it is one of the favorite breakfast foods....fried (I boil it first...then fry it a bit), with eggs over easy (or anyway you want it), and fried garlic rice (sinangag).   I was surprise during my more recent visits to the Philippines that I was able to order it at McDonald's.   The sweet kind sausage...and stubby..that is.  By the way it's also available in most grocery stores here in the U.S.  Real Filipino longanisa....imported from The Philippines.   So we get to enjoy it here, also.   When I was stationed in Hawaii....a kind of Portuguese sausage was quite is the Filipino longanisa which can be ordered for breakfast Filipino style.  I also love every kind of sausage which I ate when stationed in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France...and in my travels throughout Europe.   Ahhh....bratwurst and local beer!   
  If you can make different varieties of sausages when you get settled in the Philippines, I'll come and visit you.

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