One Month in Santiago - **Help Needed**

Hello All,

Iam looking to move to Santiago (maybe Santo Domingo) for one month to  do research on residency, starting a business, finding a location for an apartment, etc. 

Can anyone give suggestions on how much money (in general) I would need?  I know that many will say that my question is too ambiguous, as many things will vary based on my indulgences, eating out vs cooking etc.

I am just looking for a general guide from those who live there now.

Please forgive me if this has been "asked and answered" but I did not see it in the forum.

Thank you in advance

Well to start those are very different cities.  Santiago will be less expensive I  think.

Where will you stay - hotel - apartment - house?
Eat in or eat out?
Entertainment will include what?

Give us a general idea and lets see what feedback we get.

I live in Santiago, for a year and a half now. Check air bnb for a place to stay. Seems you have to really know someone to find furnished places otherwise. The nicer American style furnished apartments in good areas are $1000-1300 that I have seen. Modest furnished accommodations can be found for $500-700 per month if you have connections and time. Many times water, power, internet, cable is not included- always ask. Unfurnished apartments are much cheaper, but furnishings are expensive here, and they don't even come with appliances and light fixtures. There is a little bnb called "Emilio" that is about $40 per night. Dominican plate of the day is very cheap, from 100 pesos to 250 pesos. Nice restaurants are like mid-range American restaurant prices. Uber is in both cities, very convenient and affordable for getting around. Renting a car is crazy expensive here-like $800 per month. Local food is very cheap at markets, anything imported is expensive. Hope that helps!

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