looking for a job on a livestock farm in Malmö

I have a resident permit I'm just looking for a job.. can anyone help please I'll apreciate it a lot.

Hi Michael Bennett,

In which field are you looking for work please?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Priscilla, thanks for replying, I'm not trained in any particular area, so therefore I'm seeking a job in general, I know on farms there's always so much to do so I'm  willing to accept a job in wherever area it's available. Thanks a lot
Looking forward for your reply.

Hi Michael Bennet,

Thank you for your feedback. :)

Some articles about work might help you :

I also advise you to drop your job search in the Jobs in Malmö section, it might raise your chances.



Thanks a million you're always so helpful keep up the good work.

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