Expats, did U find a job w/o problems??

I'm bit frustrated in Wrocław, as it seems impossible to find a job here.
I have very good and quite long experience in automotive industry and for months I'm stucked in "" etc, not receiving even the negative answers.

I'd like to know your opinion about polish job market and employment in general or maybe some advices and tricks

Thanks, Jitka


it's actually difficult to find a job being a foreigner in a country. And it's twice difficult if you don't master the local language. My two cents go on a simple advice: use what makes you unique in Poland, id est your mother toungue.
Also, don't stuck only in pracuj.l: have a look also at and


I'm going to be moving to Wroclaw as well. That's a bit disconcerting to hear it's tough to find work there. Do many companies use LinkedIn in Poland or is this a better shot?

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