Single status certificate in Myanmar

Hello everybody,
                         I am a Myanmar girl who is planning to marry a foreigner. I have no idea how to get the single status certificate. Please, tell me how to get it if you have some idea for it.

Hi Kaic

I was wondering if you eventually found out how to get this unmarried certificate. I'm from the Netherlands and my partner (Burmese citizen) and I are in the same situation.

I hope you have some advice!!


I did a Google search by typing "myanmar embassies worldwide" in my search engine

Found Consulate in Breda. 

Herman Stevens consul[at]   Address Overaseweg 96 4836 BC Breda

Perhaps contact him for information. There are Embassies in other European countries.

Hi,I have taken the oath for unmarried certificate.It 's available Pazundaung Township Court.But I have done agent.It 's about 50000 kyat.You can contact Lakabar   ,01-372491.

I have applied residence permit to Norway.

I saw your post and would like to the producer single status certificate, so can i get your contact number. Looking forward your reply

Would like ti know

You can contact me.'Lakabar' is agent name.

Thanks will contact soon

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