Questions about citizenship through ancestry. TMI on the net!

Hi everyone,

My father was born in Malta of Maltese heritage and moved to Canada when he was 12.  From what I gather on the internet I am eligable to apply for Maltese citizenship and once granted my husband and daughter can also apply. Is this true?

I have gathered an array of documentation, right down to my grandfather's birth certificate.

Cost: I read that the fees are insane. Literally, insane. I'm not sure if it really costs 100,000 euros or not. Is that for people who don't possess lineage? I understand there would be fees but....really?

Our intention is to retire in Malta. We will be in our early 50's and have a guaranteed pension of a couple thousand a month. We would like to work part time as well. 

Also, do I need to reside in Malta to apply? I've read that the process can take 6 months to 2 years. We are Canadian born but are currently posted in the UK for my husband's work.

Any advice or information would be helpful.


Hi Cowbella
MY mother and father are maltese.and emegrated to the uk in 1949.after they got married.all us children were born in the uk .9 of us.i moved to malta in 2013.went to the Evans buildeing in Vallete with all the documents i had of my parents .like bith marrrige.and saw a very helpful lady their she gave me a form to fill out for my maltese citizenship and maltese Id card.and to get my maltese bith cietificate.which only cost a few euros.within 2 weeks i had my maltese Id and citzenship papers .hope this helps you .good luck.

Hey Phil,

That's nuts. I mean, how ridiculously easy! Hopefully it's as easy for a Canadian! Being as the UK is (for now) a member of the European Union.

I feel so hopeful now!


HI Cowbella
yes was very easy all to do with birth rights. as long as your fathers maltese dosent matter about your mother.

It's a simple, easy process. It makes no difference where you were born- if either your mother or father is Maltese you are entitled to citizenship.

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