moving to Jerusalem

I am moving to Israel with family early 2016 and  am considering settling in Jerusalem. Can i have some kind of idiot's guide on living in Jerusalem:

1. cost of living
2. school for kids
3. transportation
4. East or West...does it matter?

thank you


Where are you moving from?

In answer to your questions:

1. JL is very expensive just so you know. TLV (Tel Aviv) is slightly more expensive, but not by much. Those are the 2 most expensive cities in the country.

You can search on FB for tons of groups with the word "Jerusalem" in them

2. Do your kids know Hebrew? Are you sending them to private school?

3. The transit system is pretty good in Israel except in smaller cities up North where the train doesn't run often. JL is a very active city, so the buses run all the time EXCEPT on Friday afternoon (depends on what time of the year) ending around 2-4 pm & restarting back up again around 5-6 pm.

You'd have to use taxis or you can try your hand at trampin (hitch hiking) apps for your smart phone. Of course it's all in Hebrew

4. Yes it matters because many cities are Arab only. This area isn't my forte, so I suggest you ask in those FB groups. Secret Jerusalem is a big one.

HTH & welcome :  )


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