Work for an ESL tutor?

Hi friends!

My mexican husband and i are consudering moving to tampico with pur two small children in the next five years. Our plan is for my husband to work in the hospitality/tourist industry and i thought i could be an esl tutor. Is there much demand for tutors? How difficult is it to find work as tutor?

Any other tips on tampico would be appreciated as well! Thank you :-)

You can't work without a work Visa

I'll go out on a limb here based on what I observed years ago.  Being a private tutor on a cash basis goes unnoticed.  To earn any significant amount, you'll need contacts at upscale private schools to put you in contact with parents of potential kids.

As the wife of a Mexican citizen and working independently, a work permit may not be all that hard to get.  Call the nearest Mexican Consulate for information.  Be clear about your status.

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