Honda 125 PGM FI stall

I like to slowly approach the lights without coming to a full stop but my otherwise immaculate Honda Future often6 stalls from low speeds when6 the light goes green6 and i accelerate.
I think this is quite dangerous as I come to and unexpeceted stop when everyon6e else is accelerating away .

Is it a trait of PGM engines
or sth wron6g with my FSH Hon6da?

Oh, and anyon6e kn6ow the price of 2b4k mile service at a Honda agen6t for a Future?

I had a similar problem years ago with my moto. I took it to a good mechanic, who fixed it.

Tsk, Thaig
  Just increase the idle revs slightly. 
That (usually) is all that's needed.

   Why not do it yerself?   ..all they do is change the oil
so get another air & oil filter, new plug, oil your cables
..and save heaps.   It's common sense stuff.

I only kn6ow how to increase idle on6 a carb, n6ot in6jection - i don6t think u can6??

Also I have n6o span6n6ers etc

Hiring a Honda right now and the guy it's hired off told me some time ago that the Vietnamese fix the idle/ tick over while stopped to a very low level to save gas...

Hiring a bike myself right now and the guy it's rented off told me some time ago that the Vietnamese  adjust the idle/ tick over to as low as possible to save gas....see also reply from bazza139.....similar

Get a recommended service centre to do it
(while explaining it to you)  Most are only too pleased
to meet someone with a genuine interest in looking
after (any) machinery.   Won't cost a lot.

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