Please be aware. Scammer on this site

Good day all,

Well, how can I say this without too many or no expletives?

Just a few days ago, I received a message via this site thinking it was an x pat just wanting to add me to their group , however the contact was hidden and requested a response via e mail. Being as I am and respectful, I replied via the supposed ex pat e mail.

My initial thoughts were proved correct, here was a supposed US army sgt, female, advising she wished to share equally $5 million. Yup yahoo I'm rich yeh right no way. This individual's request to gain further replies would lead to my bank account  being accessed and emptied. Eh!! No
I may or may not look naive, or as if I've no life experiences, however I've been around now longer than many on here, had two very detrimental experiences through scammers, so I know the signs.

Further online research confirmed this is a perpetual scam, so to all the ex pat gentleman out there, be aware, do not respond to Sgt Mercy or her dubious requests, he or she who hides behind this obvious and blatant fake profile is nothing more than a scammer, who's needing to be taken behind a building and receive the justice they deserve, a good kicking. 

To admin please be aware also there are in my opinion the few on here, who's only purpose is  to dupe, scam or cause serious issues for the unsuspecting. It's sad honest folk can't interact, share as ex pats without this few that join under false pretences. No place in society for their ilk.

To this obvious scammer, please be advised you're not the first nor the sad to say the last  who may see an older man. Think, yeh lets steal, scam etc. But!!!!!! Don't try,  life has a balance, karma, what goes around comes around. What wrong you cause for others will find its way back to you..

Thanks all, please share and be aware..

The automatic anti spam tends to lock them out of the PM system but it isn't perfect so reporting scammers is a good idea.

Expats are often seen as good targets so sites like this tend to get more than its fair share of such people.

We ban loads every week, but tgere's always another.

Hi Poetically,

Thank you for your message.

As Fred said, we already have an automatic anti spam system and a great number of scams / fake profiles are automatically detected and blocked everyday. However it is not 100 % perfect and it is in continuous improvement.

When you see a weird post or when you receive a weird private message, please report it directly and the moderation team will do the necessary.

Do note that our main objective is to secure the website so that members are free to exchange between them.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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