Sorry, but please please someone help

Sorry for sending this message, this forum came up when I searched for 'help advice samui' and i'm struggling for answers.

Basically i've made the biggest mistake of my life 1 week ago and i'm terrified because i'm starting to show symptons - my question is do you know or is there anyone you might ask who can tell me where I can get an early HIV test on Koh Samui? The hospitals here can only offer a test after 4 weeks, but ive found that in Bangkok etc there is a test that can be done after 1 week.

Please try to help me find the answer, I will be eternally indebted to you. I'm terrified.


The HIV sites all suggest the first symptoms appear between 2 to 4 weeks, meaning you're more likely to have a bit of flu.
However, testing is never a bad idea if you've engaged in risky sex.

Fred thank you lots for sending a message it's really appreciated, been feeling far from home and quite alone with this. I'm not normally dramatic but this has me shaken.

Yes I found that many say 2 weeks, but the odd one does say 1 week. That's why i'm really hoping to find a clinic or hospital on the island that can do an early test now, rather than having to wait weeks like this.

I did go to Bangkok hospital last night, but they were quite useless, they charged me and tested me, then told me the test was irrelevant because it was too soon so i felt quite ripped off.

If anyone knows anywhere that offers the earlier test on Koh Samui i'd really appreciate it.


I suspect you'll get the same thing everywhere because the virus doesn't normally seem to show up this early.

The bright side is you're probably clear because it's too soon.

Hopefully. Thanks again Fred

The place called "Clinic Ni-Ra-Nam" it is located at Pratunam area you can ask taxi drive to get there.

Nathon hospital is cheapest. Here in Phuket private blood labs take and analyse your blood, and you will know 20 minutes later. Cost 120 Bht.

He is in Samui boyo.

Try the Red Cross.

Simon, chill out. The odds are very low, unless it was gay anal sex, then they are a bit higher. Are you sure your partner was +HIV ? Lots of reading to be found here:

Google search results

Lancashire Lad :

Simon, chill out. The odds are very low, unless it was gay anal sex, then they are a bit higher. Are you sure your partner was +HIV ? Lots of reading to be found here:

I'm unsure I could chill out if I thought I'd contracted a killer disease, but the thought is a nice one to express.
You're also correct in that his chances of being infected are really quite low. Risky sex of any sort is always going to have issues, but some types carry a greater risk than others because of the pure maths involved and the physical aspects of some types of sex.

An update from the OP would be nice when he gets a reliable test result.

You're also correct in that his chances of being infected are really quite low.

Exactly, that it what I was thinking when I said he should try to relax as the chances are slim.

Woudn't it be nice if the OP reported back ?

Sorry for the delay in coming back.
This is for anyone who finds themself in a similar situation.
I was terrified after my encounter, as my original post probably showed! I started showing HIV symptoms including enlarged lymph nodes (mainy neck) and a completely white tongue, I heavily self-diagnosed anti-biotics hoping it was another disease - but this antibiotic over-medication i now believe was what caused my symptons to get much worse! Which in turn made me really believe I had HIV. From some forums i read at the time I literally thought I 99% had HIV.
I never had a fever though, and a fever is one of the most common symptoms as it's your bdy trying to burn away the virus - so that always gave me some comfort.
I flew up to Bangkok for 'rapid' HIV tests which turned out to be a waste of time, you really cannot tell for sure until at least 3 months. But you can be a very very high percentage sure after 4 weeks. The Thai Red Cross Hospital in Bangkok was the best at roughly 92% certain at 2? weeks.
After 3 months I found for practically certain (by modern medicinal standards) that I did NOT have HIV and I cannot explain the relief I felt. The experience did obviously spoil the rest of my holiday in Thailand and the next couple of months were hard, but i've learnt from the experience.
Even if you show symptoms early, you probably are ok as symptoms don't usually show very early. But be careful, and always wrap up! It just isn't worth the risk. Research I did showed that after years of decreasing HIV is on the increase again now because of slackening education. I also read (but cannot confirm) that the bar girls who travel with a westerner as a girlfriend are more of a risk than the actual sex workers who are more cautious.
Thai condoms are terrible and more likely to break or come off so I recommend bringing your own from home.
Really try not to be like me and let the symptoms get you down until you do have the positive diagnosis (but i know if anyone had said that to me i'd have ignored them). You don't have HIV until you have a positive diagnosis, and it is difficult (particularly for men from women) to contract.
And the biggest thing i learnt that helped get me through, is that HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was, in many countries the medical care is so advanced now that people with it continue normal longs lives. The stigma of it is terrible and people should be educated more so they don't judge so easily, but I guess the fear does help people remain more cautious.
Thanks for everyone that did respond before. I hope this post doesn't offend anyone. I only write it as I would like to have found it myself when i was having my meltdown lol!

Well, it's great to hear you are ok. To be blunt, you can research the stats all you like, but no matter how low the infection rate is, it's always a good idea to use a decent quality contraceptive in 'one of those situations'. Your sermon would suggest you have made a full conversion to the sensible side, which is great news.

hello for everyone else.
it is very difficult to get HIV (there are 100's of strains) with a healthy immune system.

Psycho somatic symptoms and guilt have played a big part in the OP mind.

Other people be aware that you have more chance of getting hepatitis than HIV/AIDS

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