What about Fgura?

Hi all,

I am in Malta at the moment, looking for a place to stay. At my price point (up to 750) the places I have found have been alright....if anyone is watching my vlog (when I release the third episode) then they will see the flats but...

First place : Fgura - nice enough apartment but the wife wasn't fussed, I really liked the area walking back tho even tho I got lost trying to walk to Qormi and happened upon the ferry to Valletta.

Second : Qormi - I liked this apartment, it was a little better, but I was a little worried about the area. It was dark and seemed a little randomly built and confused, tho it did have a nice lost again

Third : St Pauls - only 1 bathroom, older place but the the bathroom was a little annoying with not having a proper shower unit. I liked the area, even though it was raining.

Fourth : Fgura....a lovely apartment, the best by FAR, at the limit of my budget but a little further into Fgura than the other one. I got a bus this time (after getting lost AGAIN while trying to walk to the ferry more directly), and it was really quick at 7pm-ish

Any opinions on Fgura, or the others?

The Hard Way - Vlog about moving to Malta!

Just went to an old townhouse in Floriana too. Interesting

Fgura is a new village, built after the war, so entirely devoid of historical charm, not to say butt ugly. It's very busy, no greenery, big main road goes through it, very polluted. There's quite a few shops but otherwise nothing interesting. If you're looking at that area, try Cottonera (3 cities) or Zabbar instead. Or even Tarxien; it has a nice little village core.

I remember reading that Fgura is the town with the highest prevalence of asthma sufferers in Malta too. One other reason why property is relatively cheap there.

I havent finished that set of videos, but we ended up in Swatar (Birk) - literally signed and  took  a car to the airport

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