Suggestions needed. Do I still go as planned?

Hello everyone, I need some friendly suggestions and input... I purchased a ticket to Ghana a month ago for January 25th 2017 to visit a friend, and for the past 2-3 weeks we've not been on the best of terms. The ticket is non refundable, So therefore it looks like close to a $1000 dollars will be down the drain. I've always wanted to visit Ghana, prior to meeting this friend, and knowing someone there would've made it easier for my visit. So, this is where the input comes in. Do I still go as plan? And if so, can anyone refer a reasonably priced hotel for three weeks? or do I count it as a loss? I haven't sent for my visa yet, I was going to send that out around the 20th of this month. So any friendly suggestions would be appreciated 😊 thanks

I'd go regardless and have a holiday.
There's nothing more mind widening than exploring new places, meeting new people and finding out how a country ticks.

Thank you so much

I'd also go - but then I'm the adventurous type.
Having a friend there would give you a kind of home base and local insight. But you can still have some of that without your friend: Try a hospitality exchange organisation -, for example, lists over 160 hosts in Ghana and some of them will have time for you! Other organisations you could try are Hospitalityclub, Servas, Bewelcome, etc. I had good experiences with all of them, as guest and host, for many years in various countries (but Ghana is still a white spot on my world map, unfortunately).

Oh wow! It would be interesting to know why it's a white spot 🤔 but thank you for your suggestions. I will look into them this evening. 😀

anjjie :

It would be interesting to know why it's a white spot

Simply because I didn't have time yet to explore much of Africa.

Also, you may want to post in Ghana forum to get best responses from locals.

Good luck

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I suggest you come too! Look on airbnb and you should find cheap accommodation. I'm sure you will find friendly people here to help you find your way around

Hi thanks, is that a website?

Yes it is

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