Seniors on Colombian EPS

Would like to hear from 60+ seniors on EPS only since the age differential would disqualify for SURA + EPS.  I assume that basic services do not include surgery, hospitalization, major  or long-term treatment. Am I right or wrong. Another way to answer this is to compare with Medicare Part B (premium) or Part A (no premium).  The point may be very moot by next June if Medicare is killed off.


What experiences with different EPS have EXPATS had?  Which are the recommended EPS?

I may be misunderstanding you since I know expats here in Rionegro with EPS that acquired it after age 70. Im under age 60 so I have Sura/comfama and I don't see any diff between the services they get vs mine. And my opinion is besides the bureaucracy the med care here, I live in rionegro is excellent and just as good as the states. Actually, the doctors I've met here seem to care more about my health than my US doctor!
But I hope someone that knows more than me responds. My mother, is in excellent health, but over 70. She plans to spend her time between here and the states, but we're planning to do the whole visa, cedula, and EPS thing here for her. While she'll keep her insurance in the US I was thinking she'd be fully insured while in Colombia too? Is this not the case because of her age?

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write back.  I don't think you misunderstood.  I know that I can apply for EPS, and I'm 73; at the same time, private insurers like SURA will not insure seniors, so the SURA+EPS is out. 

A quick additional note.  I'd very strongly advise your mother to keep up with the news, particularly after JAN 20.  The Republicans are writing legislation to repeal ACA and kill Medicare, and, by kill, I mean kill it as I know it and as your mother knows it.  If they win, and I think they will, it will be signed into law before the middle of the year.  Do your Internet searches, and see what the knowledgeable commentators say --- just used republicans kill and medicare as keywords.

Meanwhile, would love to know if Rionegro is a small town outside of Medellin or just a barrio inside the city.  I don't think I can handle the traffic or crime situation in Medellin.

Thanks again.


Ok thanks. Guess Sura is out but at least eps available, and like I said I haven't seen any diff between the two but that doesn't mean there isn't any.
I can't believe that lying con man trump got elected -mostly by people who voted against their own interests but too ignorant to realize it. But they're about to find out!
Rionegro is on the other side of the mountain from Medellin. And no where near as big or dangerous. With lots of good neighborhoods barrios.

Again, appreciate the reply.  Rionegro begins to interest me, and I'll do some homework on it.  I don't drive and have been living in Tucson for the past 8 years, Scottsdale before that.  I make traffic an issue because drivers in Tucson apparently believe pedestrians are targets.  I've had these drivers run the red at a pedx I used, and they don't yield on turns.  I'm sure it's worse anywhere in CO.  Strangely I've lived and worked in Cd Mexico's Reforma (it's where the US Embassy is), huge traffic, huge avenues, and never once thought about the traffic. Never once was cut off.

Anyway, Trump, yes, I'm terrified.  This is a huckster flim-flam man who made his money on the backs of others; he'll do the same as POTUS.  The GOP is planning to turn Medicare into premium pay and private insurers so that seniors will pay much more if, and I do mean if, they can even find companies that will insure them.  So, yes, seniors in Florida who voted for him will very shortly find out what they voted for.


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