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:(    Hi Expert admins of

I am from Pakistan.I am married with Brazilian citizen. our marriage is registered in Pakistan and Brazil.

marriage with attorney letter was celebrated in Pakistan.  she sent attorney letter in Pakistan. here marriage  registration in Pakistan. I got marriage certificate. after doing legalized with Brazil embassy. I sent marriage certificate to my wife in Brazil. she got sworn translation of this Pakistani marriage certificate. after doing registration in cartorio. she got brazilian marriage certificate with base of pakistani certificate then she sent me back  with Permanency invitation letter. I submitted all documents in Brazil embassy . they issued me viper visa. It is my first time travel to Brazil. I know, there will be my immigration interview in Brazilian airport. they will decide. my documents are able to entry Brazil or not. if they accept then entry if they reject then going back to home country.
what I am  able to get entry Brazil or not ??
It is therefore marriage was celebrated in Pakistan with attorney letter. she didn't came here. I did not come there.

Reply me Please Please

:cheers:   Mr. Mukhtar

If they issued you a viper visa, that should get you into the country. For the permanency you will have to register at the Department of the Federal Police (DPF) within 30 days to (RNE) and begin the process for a  CIE  ( Identification card for Foreigners) The DPF will determine if they will issue this. Make sure you have all the documentation needed as requested on the DPF website (copies of passport, marriage certificate, pictures , etc)
you will also be required to pay the fees listed. I don't think they will prevent your entry at the airport except to examine your passport and see that the document is in order. It will be up to you to get the rest of the documents needed, notarized as required and present them and your self with your wife at the DPF.

I married a Brazilian girl in Bangladesh and I didn't register my marriage at Brazilian consulate. She is already away from Bangladesh. Is there any other option I can apply viper visa because there is something they mentioned "Please note that if the sponsor is a Brazilian citizen a copy of Brazilian certificate drawn by  cartorio must me presented...I don't understand where I can get that.😢

Your first step is to visit the Brazil Embassy website in your country to find out what documents are needed to apply for a viper visa in your country and what fees are needed. Usually the wife must be present when doing that. Otherwise you will have to do the process in Brazil which will mean travelling to Brazil on a visitors visa. I don't know the process requirements for your country, But I do know mine and after it was all said and done I had spent $7,000 USD in flights and legal document fees and lawyers fees in Brazil. All to move to Brazil and be with my wife I would have spent much more than that if I had to. Research what you need to do thoroughly because if you forget a document you need it and it could involve flying back to your country to get it.  It may be cheaper and less of a hassle  to fly her back to do it in your country.

Dear Jhonc  that is what I found in Brazil embassy in Bangladesh website.
Marriage certificate for spouse. This should be also notarized and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh. Please note that if the sponsor is a Brazilian citizen, a copy of a Brazilian marriage certificate ("Certidão de Registro de Casamento") drawn by "Cartório" must be presented. Applicants who do not yet have a Brazilian marriage certificate must have one issued prior to applying for the permanent visa. There is nowhere they mentioned I need to register my marriage at consulate. I am really worried about that.😞😞😞

I believe your only option is to get it done in Brazil you will have to go and have it done there so I have provided all the steps I had to do in My case

In My case I had to get a Authentication stamp issued by the Brazil embassy on the US Marriage certificate this cost at the time $20 USD. Like I had said this was to authenticate the certificate in the country and that Brazil accepted the US certificate as authentic. Then on my Arrival in Brazil I had to have it translated by an Authorized Legal Translator which put her seal on the translated copy, Then I had to take that translated copy to a Catorio and have a notary seal placed on a copy which I gave to the Lawyer so that  he could go  before a judge to have them order the Department that issues Marriage certificates to issue one. Then I had to have a copy of that  made again with a notary seal  to give to the Federal Police.  The authorized translator would not accept a US marriage certificate without the stamp on the back legalizing the document for use in Brazil. If you don't do this the document is not recognized in Brazil. If the rules are anything like the ones they used to Accept mine this will probably be the case for you as well.  I would not go without having it authenticated as it can't be done in Brazil. This would necessitate you to return to Bangladesh to get it done.  The Embassy staff sometimes on the phone doesn't give all the information needed

This from their website in Bangladesh " Official documents (such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Character Certificate, University Degrees and Transcripts) must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs." Attested means it must be authenticated by Brazil by their Ministry of Foreign affairs .  so you need to find out if this can be done in Bangladesh.

Please remember these aren't my rules these are what I came up against doing it. In Brazil Public officials sometimes make up rules as they go along so don't be surprised if they come up with something that isn't on the web site. My process took all of 180 days with the paperwork. You could of course sent the certificate to Brazil once you get it authenticated ( Attested to ) in Bangladesh and let your wife get the translation done  so that when you arrive that part is out of the way

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