find baking classes and accomodation

i really wanna join the baking class after finishing work
My company is located at Q.1 near the bitexco building
if you know class to join  baking . pls share the information!!

and I'm living in phu my hung Q.7 but  i will move to near my company.
so pls recommend that which street is good to live.
I cannot ride a bike. it would be nice place where i can take a walk or take a bus

Thanks a lot!

My wife took both baking and cake decorating classes just for fun at Nhà Văn Hóa Phụ Nữ Tp.Hcm which roughly translates as Women's Culture Center of HCMC.  It is at 188-192-194 Lý Chính Thắng, phường 9, Quận 3 but close to District 1.  It is a vocational college for skills like hair styling, nails and cooking.  They have a website at

The obvious hangup would be language.  One roundabout way to go about it would be for you to find a Vietnamese co-worker to go on your behalf.  They seem perfectly willing to allow cell phone movie taking.  Then they could share the video with you along with minimal translation and giving the baking a try together at home.  I doubt that there are any other schools that teach in either English or Korean.  Maybe you could find a pastry chef at one of the D1 hotels who wanted to give private lessons after work.  One other hangup is that even in D1 it is unlikely that you will find a place with a full sized oven.  Vietnamese don't seem to do much home baking.  You may have to buy a tabletop unit.

I know this doesn't present much of a solution but I tried.  Good luck.

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