Contract Termination / Maturity

Dear All,

Please can you please suggest me on following -

I have a contract of 2 years with a notice period of 3 months and renewable based on both party agreement.

Is it possible that Employer may just tell me on the last day of few weeks before expiry of contract that we are not going to renew it or it is must for them to inform this me in 3 months advance.

And if they just do it in few weeks of expiry, Will I be get paid for 3 months salary or not.

As when contract is valid, till that times 3 months notice from both parties are must but it is not clear what may happen when contract is about to expire and not renewed.

Kindly let me know if someone have firm info on it.


Hi vinodinoman,

Even though there may be a contract, an employer can choose to terminate the services of an employee at very short notice, or in some cases, none at all. There is no bearing whether the contract is about to expire or if it is not renewed.

If an employee is getting terminated at short notice, usually it would be for some valid and genuine reason(s). A valuable employee never gets sacked unceremoniously. A valuable employee moves on of their own, and for their own personal reasons, much against the wishes of their employers.

So, if an employee can be considered dispensable, then the employer obviously would not be willing to pay him / her 3-month’s salaries and give the terminated employee a fond farewell !

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