Corozal Contact

After our two month sojourn through Mexico we're in Chetumal, planning on crossing into Corozal later this week and wondering if someone might be kind enough to show us around a bit.

We'll be parking our RV at Caribbean Village for a few days and relaxing with our dogs. Please, let us know if you're interested in hearing a few travel tales:).

Thanks in advance!

:) Happy to hear you've made it! Look forward to having story time in Cayo!

Glad to hear that you are nearly to Corozal.  The Menzies are great people and are a fountain of information !!  Enjoy !!  How many dogs and what breed?  just curious.....perhaps I shall stop by...

Glad to hear you're almost here.  We're enjoying Corozal and would love to meet up. Let us know when you get here and we can swap travel tales.  We'll only be a short bike ride from you.  See you soon!   :top:

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