Commute from St Paul's Bay to Valletta in morning rush hour(s)


What is the best way to commute to work form St Paul's Bay to Valletta?  I will have to live in St Paul's Bay for my child's school.  We will be moving in July.

Initially I thought Car but from what I've read it's quite time consuming and fairly stressful.  Plus I don't want to compound the problem by being another car on the road. 
Has anybody tried to bus it - how long does it take? 
Are there any park and rides available?

Thank you all for your help


Hi there, I get on at the terminal in bugibba to Valetta it normally takes around 55 mins to get there hut to be honest the bus is pretty jammed leaving the terminal which forces the driver to pass stops on the way, hope this is some kind of help.

Thanks for the info.

We live in Qawra but get on at bus terminal because more buses to choose from.  It depends on time of day very early in morning takes 45 minutes, rush hour from 7:30am onwards can take up to 1hr 30 minutes, but other times about 1hr. If you are going to live over in St Pauls again good choice but may be full by time they get to you. If moving over in July summer timetable buses more frequent but also a lot more traffic. If you can start work early and therefore leave early should be a lot less time spent travelling!!

busses 31, 45 & 48 run from Bugibba bus station to Valetta with 48 seeming to take the more direct route.

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