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Hi my name is candy and I want to find out can I change my job during my 3 month probation period


If your current employer allows yes you could.


If she does not what will happen

Hi  Candy,

Ofcourse you can! Probationary period allows either employer/employee to suit themselves in the particular job or position.

On your part, yes you can! give them the resignation letter and indicate also that you are under the probationary period. Now here's the thing, If in case they don't want to accept your resignation, send your resignation via post office and later on you will receive your pink card. This pink card you can give to your new employer for applying your new visa.

Hope this will help!



Yes Luki any boss can literally accept anyone’s resignation. But the real question is “Is you’re boss willingly allow and give you the mobility to change your visa?”

Accepting your resignation letter doesn’t mean they are also okay with you moving out. I’ve heard a lot of stories about resignation issues and at the end of the day the employer declare a employee as to “run away” or “absent from work”.

The best way to do is still to compromise with your employer for a smooth procedure. Request them to give you a mobility so your new employer can apply easily process your visa (transfer visa). If they compromise and agreed that they will do mobility then you don’t have to send your resignation via post office.

Hope this helps.


You are posting on multiple threads and most of your questions have already been answered but you keep persisting.

If you are worried, send a resignation letter via registered mail and retain the slip.  After three months, when you are leaving, ask for NOC and end of service dues; if they resist, file a case in Ministry of Labour.  You might not get your dues in time but at least there will be a formal record of you resigning and leaving the country so that they are not able to report you as runaway (you end up on a blacklist).

You keep asking the same question. I have already answered here and in other threads. Its ok to give to him but if you don't trust him, use post office.

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