Expats, we'll be in Ecuador Jan. 6, what do you want from the north?

A grand trip from the US Rain Capitol of the World to Cuenca.  It's going to take us 3 days to get there, and we haven't yet quite figured the leg from Guayaquil to Cuenca. I want to take the bus for that bit if anybody has useful recommendations for land transport .......

But in Cuenca we will be. Willing to haul small, legal, suitcase friendly items for our expat friends here.

For those who need something of the above ^ description, from Amazon you can order said items and have them sent to our US address for suitcase delivery to Ecuador.

I think we'll be in Guayaquil for a couple of days somewhere, and then on to Cuenca. We will be in Ecuador for nearly all of January.

Our suitcases should have considerable room for extra stuff, and if someone has a sizeable request, we might be able to arrange for extra luggage.

Post it now or forever hold your peace. This is a real offer to just transport stuff that people need. 

Truly yours,

(Ooops, sorry to the rest of south America where I first erroneously put up this post. Not hauling stuff to Bolivia or Paraguay etc. My bad, wrong forum.)

Direct buses to Cuenca leave from the new bus station next to Guayaquil's international airport every hour, for $8.25 per ticket.

Figure about 3-1/2 hours for the one-way trip.  The road is well-paved although you can expect various twists and turns along the way.

Source:’s online Travel Guides.

Travel during daylight hours.  Keep valuables in your lap or close.  Ecuador buses:  it’s usually worth it to pay somewhat more for an executive bus or a bus that doesn’t show a  loud 1980’s US action movie if you can find such a bus.

Have a safe ride.

  -- cccmedia in Quito

Thanks for the generous offer gardner.  I may take you up on that since there is always something I need. I will make sure it is light and small..........

I know, I remember when you were looking for some kind of computer cable thingies you had to order from China. Easy for us to bring stuff like that.


@cccmedia -

Aren't there also some private buses/vans that make the Guayaquil to Cunca run?

Their public distance buses are nice enough, but the trips take foevah.

gardener1 :

@cccmedia -

Aren't there also some private buses/vans that make the Guayaquil to Cuenca run?

Their public distance buses are nice enough, but the trips take foevah.

On this one I’m deferring to Nards in Cuenca.

cccmedia in Quito

Could I ask you for a package of chocolates?

Bringing chocolate to EcuadoEcuador, is like bribing coals to Newcastle.

From actual cacao in the Rio Arriba area of Guayas to Pacari chocolates and beyond, Ecuador is the locale of probably the highest grade of chocolate worldwide. Plus the farmers and harvesting is not provided by slave labor as it is in Africa.

Sounds crazy!!!
I couldn't find a peanut butter chocolate that I really love from US.

If there is room... TOWELS... and they can be old and stained and from Good Will.

We need them here for Animal rescue.

Towels are about $12 for a bath towel and $9 a yard if purchased as yardage.

Towels are needed for bathing and also to keep dogs & cats who are recovering from anesthesia after surgery to help retain body warmth.

Thank you!

Will see what I can do about towels.

It just so happens that the employed Gardener1 works in a downtown high rise that has a gym, and that gym has millions of towels which is our source of supply for towels.

Unfortunately they are the smaller towels kind of like the ones you get in hospitals, not such nice ones. Are those ok?

That would be fine!  If needed we can sew a few together for warming and smaller ones work just fine for drying dogs and for wrapping cats when doing things like nails and of course their bathing.

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