Family visa for my father

i am working in Oman for a year now, My dad was also working in Oman but now he has resigned from his job. Now as per Oman law a person can not return to Oman for 2 years.

My question is i want to call my dad on family visa and not employment. So is this possible without waiting for 2 years or we have to wait for 2 years to apply for his family visa.

His company has not issued any NOC or release.

Hi majidk7651,

It has been repeatedly mentioned in this forum that (as per the rule) an expatriate who cancels his / her visa and leaves the country without an NOC cannot return for 2 years from the date of his / her departure - on any visa, including the Investor's Visa.

Kindly read the numerous, informative posts on this same subject before asking basic questions like this please.

Noted and thanksfor your reply.

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